Leiden Galleries, Leiden

Leiden Galleries, Leiden
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Back in the 13th-18th centuries, the Netherlands was one of the most powerful countries in the field of arts. The so-called Flemish Art was born here, as notorious artists like Albrecht Durer, Jan van Eyck and Rogier Van der Weyden. Nowadays, the artistic Leiden cooperates with many countries, develops modern art and helps young artists. This guide will lead you to old art galleries with famous paintings, as well as modern ones filled with young and creative views upon local and international art.

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Guide Name: Leiden Galleries
Guide Location: Netherlands » Leiden (See other walking tours in Leiden)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 6.9 km
Author: nicole
Amature Art Gallery

1) Amature Art Gallery

Amature Art Gallery sells and organizes exhibits of amateur art; unprofessional painters bring here their works. The style used at most paintings is a mix of expressionism, cubism and neoimpressionism, with some symbolism influences. Sometimes Amature Gallery has collections of wooden or pottery figurines and handmade crafts, painted also by the...   view more
Galerie De Rode Cirkel

2) Galerie De Rode Cirkel

Galerie De Rode Cirkel (The Gallery of the Red Circle) is one of the places that can be visited by the whole family. The basic exhibit contains aquarelle, wet pastels and oil colors, symbolist photography and sculpture. But they also have an unusual collection of dolls: little, tall, blonde, red haired or Amazon style dressed dolls lay on special designed shelves. A part of them are the nucleus of some bigger art works, that have different meanings and expressing different symbols, state of mind...   view more
Expansionist Art Empire Gallery

3) Expansionist Art Empire Gallery

Expansionist Art Empire Gallery is mostly exhibiting Korean and Japanese authors. The best painters and photographers of Asia bring their work to Leiden to show the world some other kind of beauty. The styles exposed here are impressionism, cubism, free art, expressionism and symbolism. They cooperate with famous galleries in Saint Petersburg, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the main goal of the gallery is to remember everyone to support living...   view more
Atelier Jaap van Ek

4) Atelier Jaap van Ek

Jaap van Ek was born and raised (1947) in Leiden. Since 2000 he spends all his time painting and developed his technique rapidly. Most of Jaap van Ek paintings represent male faces and bodies. Jaap also shows the vulnerability of women and LGBT community members. He uses bright, warm colors to express himself. His work is influenced by old masters such as Jaap Caravaggio and Michelangelo. Contemporary influences are driven from photographers, such as Hans van Manen and Erwin Olaf. He is also...   view more
Galerie Frederiek van der Vlist

5) Galerie Frederiek van der Vlist

This art gallery annually organizes numerous solo, duo and group exhibitions. They try to keep visitors in touch with diverse and exciting art. Almost every month everyone is able to find new beautiful works of an artist. The past nine years many artists have exhibited in this gallery. Besides their annual artists, the gallery also has many new young artists that hold exhibitions at Frederiek van der Vlist. This ensures that a wide range of different art works different views, colors, styles and...   view more
Kunstencentrum Haagweg 4

6) Kunstencentrum Haagweg 4

The Art Centre Haagweg accommodates approximately 90 artists in sixty workshops. The premises are located under two other professional graphics studios, a wood shop, a theater and the "gym", which is used for multiple disciplines. In addition there are regular exhibitions held in the spacious gallery. This is a house of free art, where everyone can take a few lessons of painting, sculpting, drawing, pottery and many other interesting fields of art. Even kids are allowed here,...   view more
Olof Art Gallery

7) Olof Art Gallery

The OLOF Art Gallery goal is mainly to promote, exhibit and sale the 'Outsider' Art. The exhibit contains works done by self-taught authors, visionary art, art singulaire, brut and artwork by marginalized individuals. A rare chance to see common people giving their freedom a nice name - art. 'Outsider' and auto-didactic artists from around the globe will be on view throughout the year with frequently changing exhibitions. OLOF has a very wide range of materials and pieces, a...   view more
Galerie Merenwijk

8) Galerie Merenwijk

Galerie Merenwijk is part of an Art Shop net in Nederland. The main artists that expose their work in Merenwijk are: Jacqueline Schäfer, Guy Olivier, Engelien Kooij, Casper Faassen and many others. Some notorious names are Salvador Dalí and Ad van Hassel. The exhibit holds painting, graffiti, free art, artistic compositions made of different materials (steel, wood, glass, textiles and plastic), sculpture etc. Most of the artists have all kind of national and international awards. Don't...   view more


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