Mar del Plata Landmarks, Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata Landmarks, Mar del Plata
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Mar Del Plata is a well-known tourist city. It offers a picturesque view of the history of its people through its interesting historic sites, stunning architecture, art and landmarks. Here is a list of Mar del Plata's most prominent landmarks that you should take into consideration in your walking tour.

Mar del Plata Landmarks Map

Guide Name: Mar del Plata Landmarks
Guide Location: Argentina » Mar del Plata (See other walking tours in Mar del Plata)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 6 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 14.5 km
Author: karenl
Asilo Saturnino Unzué

1) Asilo Saturnino Unzué (must see)

Founded in 1910 and established in 1912, the Asilo Saturnino Unzué is one of the most visited landmarks in Mar del Plata. Designed by L. Dujarric, the edifice presents a Byzantine Romanesque style and Italian elements. Originally, it served as a refuge and hospital for women, but today it houses a cultural and social institution and a center for art exhibitions. The building has the form of “H,” which includes two floors, a chapel, a large park, a fountain, an oratory and a big clock....   view more
La Perla Spa

2) La Perla Spa

Inaugurated in 1985, this architectural complex includes a system of concrete columns and 5 spas linked in a linear form. Some surfaces are covered with bricks. Situated on the coastal front of the town, this project is considered a link between Mar del Plata and the beach, or an avenue which leads to the sea. Designed by architect C. Testa, the complex also links different shops and nightclubs. Visitors will find real nature in different...   view more
Palacio Municipal

3) Palacio Municipal (must see)

Inaugurated in 1938, the Palacio Municipal is in a Neo-Renaissance architectural style and recalls the elements of the Florentine palaces. Designed by architect A. Bustillo, the edifice has a clear and simple form, with a wonderful façade and a tower of 40 meters. Originally, the City Hall was founded in 1890 and underwent many modifications, but the current renovated building is still situated on the same place. In 1991, the palace was listed as landmark of historical...   view more
Palacio Árabe

4) Palacio Árabe (must see)

Situated on Cordoba Avenue, the Palacio Árabe has a gorgeous Neo-Arabic architectural style. Founded in 1948, it is notable for its lovely façade elements, which combines different architectural ornaments and a minaret at the top of the building. Created by the architect V. Brodsky, the complex belonged first to J. Galli and today is a landmark and a meeting point for both locals and...   view more
Casino de Mar del Plata

5) Casino de Mar del Plata

The Casino Central ("Central Casino") is located in Mar del Plata and is one of the largest such establishments in the country. It is one of a pair of twin buildings designed by architect Alejandro Bustillo. Inspired by seafront Hôtel du Palais in Biarritz, France, the casino and neighboring Grand Provincial Hotel remain architectural landmarks of the city of Mar del Plata as well as of Argentina. Its decoration was planned by famed French designer Jean-Michel Frank together with...   view more
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Gran Hotel Provincial

6) Gran Hotel Provincial

The NH Gran Hotel Provincial is a five star establishment in Mar del Plata. It is one of a pair of twin buildings designed by architect Alejandro Bustillo. Inspired by seafront Hotel du Palais in Biarritz, France. Completed in 1948, the 500-room establishment was inaugurated on February 18, 1950, and was long the largest in Argentina.

The operation of the publicly-owned hotel was privatized under licence to the local Empresa Hotelera Americana in the early 1990s, though ongoing losses led to...   view more
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Torreón del Monje

7) Torreón del Monje (must see)

The artistic Torreón del Monje was inaugurated in February 1904 and is done in a medieval architectural style. Situated in Punta Piedras, the name comes from the legend of a hero who lost his love and decided to become a monk. The old building features a picturesque view of Mar del Plata and Bristol Beach in the background. It provides a hall for parties, tea lounge, summer terrace and a restaurant. Today, it is one of the most imposing buildings in the city and a huge gastronomic...   view more
Torre Tanque

8) Torre Tanque (must see)

Established in January 1943, the Torre Tanque is a stunning landmark with Nordic-style picturesque ornaments. Situated on the highest hill of Stella Maris, the building features a house, a ring-shaped staircase with 194 steps, a lift and a huge tank with water which supplies the north part of the town. Designed by architect C. Lange, the architectural heritage building offers a panoramic view not only of the sea but also of the surrounding...   view more
Mirador Cabo Corrientes

9) Mirador Cabo Corrientes

Situated close to Playa Varese and not far from the center of the city, the Mirador Cabo Corrientes is a grandiose complex which attracts visitors’ eyes. Designed by artist Deborah di Veroli, the residential complex has been also called “four fingers” because of its irregular form. The building provides beautiful gardens, a park, a swimming pool and some entertainment areas. In 2004, the building’s exterior was colored in blue and white, imitating another building in Mar del...   view more


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