Mendoza General San Martín Park Walk, Part 1 (Self Guided), Mendoza

Mendoza General San Martín Park is a place perfectly designed for a healthy walk. The park, named after the famous Argentinian general, features 34 beautiful sculptures which line its paths and alleys. Take this tour to see the most interesting sights of “Parque General San Martín”.
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Mendoza General San Martín Park Walk, Part 1 Map

Guide Name: Mendoza General San Martín Park Walk, Part 1
Guide Location: Argentina » Mendoza (See other walking tours in Mendoza)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.4 Km or 3.4 Miles
Author: Xena
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Gates of General San Martín Park
  • Caballitos de Marly
  • The Fuente de los Continentes
  • Diana and Endymion Statue
  • Museo Cornelio Moyano
  • Museo Mineralogico "Profesor Manuel Tellechea"
  • Museum of Natural Sciences Jose Lorca
Gates of General San Martín Park

1) Gates of General San Martín Park

The main entrance gates of General San Martín Park were installed in 1909. The gate wings, as well as fences and accessories, were manufactured by a Scottish foundry and brought to Argentina, contained in 46 bundles, on-board the steamer "Belgrano". The gates are decorated with the Mendoza coat of arms and a condor with his wings stretched wide. The General San Martín Park doesn't have an actual fence however and the gates do not serve as an access point, but rather as a prominent monument, creating an unforgettable impression.
Caballitos de Marly

2) Caballitos de Marly

As you cross the gates of General San Martín Park, you will face the amazing sculptural composition - Caballitos de Marly (“The horses of Marly”). These sculptures are replicas of the French “Horse Tamers” by Nicolas Coustou. Coustou's marble statues depict the scene of the wild stallion taming, symbolizing the antagonism between the fiercely rearing horse and the young, strong and fearless trainer. The originals of the “tamers” are kept in the Louvre. The replicas were made in a classical Baroque style with meticulous attention to the details. Each of the figures demonstrates pure anatomical realism, maintaining the basic concepts of the 17th century European art.
The Fuente de los Continentes

3) The Fuente de los Continentes

The Fuente de los Continentes represents the symbolic composition of four continents: America, Asia, Europe and Africa. The fountain demonstrates the artistic characteristics inherent to the European ornamental fountains of the 17th -18th centuries. The fountain's main pool has almost 20 meters in diameter and features four beautiful mermaids holding seashells. In the center of the second pool, four atlantes (two male and two female) sit in a stately posture propping four huge plates, 5.4 meters in diameter each. The third level of the fountain is composed of four statues of children supporting the last plate. All the figures of the artistic ensemble are created in an exquisite manner. The great refinement in their faces, notable anatomical development and movement of the cloth create the impression of remarkable expressive force and beauty. The Fuente de los Continentes is the symbol of unity and solidarity of all the nations and peoples of the world.
Diana and Endymion Statue

4) Diana and Endymion Statue

The sculpture of Diana and Endymion depicts the Greek legend. According to one of the versions, Zeus punished Endymion with an eternal sleep spell, and Diana, goddess of forest and hunting, saw him sleeping in the cave and fell in love with his beauty and grace. Since that time, she comes to feast her eyes on Endymion's pulchritude every night. The sculpture shows the moment when Endymion sleeps on the cloud and Diana is looking at his face with veneration and delight. The goddess is holding a veil inflated by the wind, which envelopes two bodies, completing the artistic composition.
Museo Cornelio Moyano

5) Museo Cornelio Moyano

The Museo Cornelio Moyano is located on the southern bank of the General San Martin Park Lake. It specializes in natural history and anthropology. The museum was established in 1911 and for a long period of time used to be the best institution of its kind in the country. The museum offers permanent, as well as temporary exhibitions on various topics related to its areas of study. In 1998, because of its architectural value and the significance of museum's collection (more than 70,000 items), the building was declared a cultural heritage landmark.
Museo Mineralogico "Profesor Manuel Tellechea"

6) Museo Mineralogico "Profesor Manuel Tellechea"

The scientific importance of the Museo Mineralogico "Profesor Manuel Tellechea" has been recognized internationally due to the magnificent collection of minerals, gems, rocks and fossils. The mineralogical museum was established in 1935 and at the present moment has more than 14,000 pieces in its collection. In 1918, Manuel Tellechea began collecting the minerals which now make the bigger part of the museum's collection. Among the more important stones in the collection are transparent anhydrous (chalcedony with water in their formation) and metal uranium disc used in producing atomic energy.
Museum of Natural Sciences Jose Lorca

7) Museum of Natural Sciences Jose Lorca

The Museum of Natural Sciences Jose Lorca is one of the biggest museums in the region. It houses an amazing collection of more than 2,500 items. The museum features several exhibitions, including zoological, botanical, mineralogical, paleontological, as well as human anatomy, archeology and history. Its taxidermy collection covers 65 percent of province's wildlife (birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians). Most of the exhibited species are listed in different categories of national and international protection.

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