Modern Architecture in Panama City, Panama City

Modern Architecture in Panama City, Panama City
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Panama City is an amazing place where you can see a 16th century building standing near a modern 300 meter steel and glass tower. Every year dozens of tall office and apartment buildings are constructed, each with a unique design. Take this tour to discover Panama City’s most prominent modern architecture.

Modern Architecture in Panama City Map

Guide Name: Modern Architecture in Panama City
Guide Location: Panama » Panama City (See other walking tours in Panama City)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.7 km
Author: nataly
Trump Ocean Club

1) Trump Ocean Club

Are you bored with your daily routine? Tired of working and searching for a place to relax? Then here is your perfect weekend gateway, a new world, ideally combining natural beauty with world-class amenities. Round the clock services, exclusive accommodations and food to satiate most exquisite appetite will make your stay here an everlasting sweet memory. Built on Punta Peninsula, Trump Ocean Club offers a picturesque beach view of the Pacific Ocean and Panama Bay, complete with the spa for...   view more
Mystic Point Towers

2) Mystic Point Towers (must see)

The Mystic Point Towers, located in Punta Paitilla, were built in 2005. The towers are identical, each one 155 meters high, with 44 stories and 122...   view more
Torres las Américas

3) Torres las Américas

Torres las Américas are beautiful twin glass and metal office buildings located in the center of Panama City. These 42-story buildings were built between 2002 and 2006. A third building, planned to be finished in 2010, will complete the...   view more
Credicorp Bank Tower

4) Credicorp Bank Tower

The Credicorp Bank Tower was one of first skyscrapers erected in Panama City. This 42-story glass and steel building is the tallest office building in the...   view more
Global Bank Tower

5) Global Bank Tower

The Global Bank Tower, built in 2005, is an interesting high-rise construction, from an architectural point of view. It stands 176 meters high, with 46 floors above ground and three floors below ground. It is located on Calle 50, which is famous for its great number of...   view more
World Trade Center

6) World Trade Center

Panama’s World Trade Center, located in Marbella in the center of the business district, is surrounded by other beautiful high-rises. Its sharp outline and classical form make it the dominant construction in the...   view more
Hotel Plaza Paitilla

7) Hotel Plaza Paitilla

Hotel Plaza Paitilla was the first Holiday Inn hotel built in Panama. This cylindrical building was erected in 1975 in Punta Paitilla. It was considered one of the best hotels in the world from 1978 to 1980. Today it is still a good place to stay, though it looks small in comparison to the more modern skyscrapers surrounding...   view more
Miramar Towers

8) Miramar Towers (must see)

The Miramar Towers are 168 meter high twin towers. These impressive buildings were built in 1996 and were the tallest constructions in Panama City for over five years. Located on Avenida Balboa, they overlook Panama...   view more
BBVA Tower

9) BBVA Tower

The BBVA Tower, located on Avenida Balbo near the Miramar Towers, houses BBVA Bank. Built from 1979 to 1996, it was the tallest construction in Panama City, at 100 meters high and 25...   view more