Museums and Art Galleries Tour, Saigon/HoChiMinh City

Museums and Art Galleries Tour, Saigon/HoChiMinh City
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Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. The city boasts a rich history and culture, which are depicted through its numerous museums and art galleries. This self-guided tour will lead you to some historically unique museums and art galleries, revealing the past and present of this great city and country:

Museums and Art Galleries Tour Map

Guide Name: Museums and Art Galleries Tour
Guide Location: Vietnam » Saigon/HoChiMinh City (See other walking tours in Saigon/HoChiMinh City)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.9 km
Author: vickyc
Southern Women's Museum

1) Southern Women's Museum

The Southern Women’s Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is dedicated to the role played by the women of Vietnam in the defense of the nation and their contribution to its development. It also serves as a center for cultural and educational activities for women in the city.

The Southern Women’s Museum is housed in a building that was once the house of Nguyen Ngoc Loan. He was a Director General of Police of the Saigon Government. It became the Traditional House of Southern Women in 1984. A four...   view more
War Crime Museum

2) War Crime Museum (must see)

The War Crimes Museum tells the story of the war between the North and American supported South Vietnam in graphic detail. Most of the exhibits relate to the American phase of the war.

The War Crimes Museum is housed in a series of warehouses, although a new museum building is currently under construction. When inaugurated in 1975, the museum was called The House for Displaying War Crimes of American Imperialism and the Puppet Government. It was later renamed the Museum of American War...   view more
Zen Art Gallery

3) Zen Art Gallery

Zen Art Gallery displays the best contemporary works of art in all of Vietnam. Opened in 1999, its aim is to inspire "spontaneous interactions between art and you." Zen Gallery's collections include internationally famous works, with some of the pictures done in oil and traditional lacquer. You will find works by such artists as Dao MinhTri, Le KinhTai, Le Ngoc Linh, and many others.
Hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00 am – 5:30...   view more
Museum of Arts

4) Museum of Arts (must see)

The Museum of Arts in Ho Chi Minh City, also called the Fine Arts Museum, is a gallery dedicated to contemporary Vietnamese and international Art. Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture has designated it as a First Class National Museum.

The Museum of Art was inaugurated on the 5th of September 1987 by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. The building that houses the museum is a grand yellow and white colonial mansion. It used to belong to a wealthy Chinese businessman called Mr. Hoa, who...   view more
Ho Chi Minh City Museum

5) Ho Chi Minh City Museum

The Ho Chi Minh City Museum is dedicated to the struggles of the people of the city against the French and Americans and to the ancient culture of the city. It is housed in a colonial mansion that served as the Palace of the Governor of Cochin China during French rule.

The Ho Chi Minh City Museum is located in an old mansion that bears witness to the history of the city from colonial times. It was built between 1885 and 1890 and designed by the French architect, Alfred Foulhoux. During the...   view more
Ton Duc Thang Museum

6) Ton Duc Thang Museum

This Museum is dedicated to the life and times of the first president of unified Vietnam Ton Duc Thang. It is located near the Ba Son Shipyard where he once worked as a mechanic.

The Ton Duc Thang Museum was inaugurated on August 20th 1988 to commemorate his centennial birth anniversary. It is located in the former home of Tran Thien Kiem, who was the premier of the former government of South Vietnam. Ton Duc Thang was the first Vietnamese recipient of the Lenin peace Prize. The museum has a...   view more
Vietnam History Museum

7) Vietnam History Museum (must see)

The Vietnam History Museum is a repository of objects dating from prehistoric times to the formation of the communist party in 1930. The building housing the museum is a unique pagoda like structure designed in Neo Vietnamese style during the colonial era.

The Vietnamese History museum was constructed in 1929. At the time, it was called the Blanchard de la Brosse Museum. Between 1929 and 1956, the museum displayed objects from all parts of French Indochina. It was renamed, Saigon National...   view more


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