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Museums and Galleries (Self Guided), Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is an impressive town famous for its museums and galleries. These museums and galleries manifest both the rich cultural heritage of the nation and its spirit of innovation. Find below a list of museums that you must visit when in Kuala Lumpur.
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Museums and Galleries Map

Guide Name: Museums and Galleries
Guide Location: Malaysia » Kuala Lumpur (See other walking tours in Kuala Lumpur)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.3 Km or 2.7 Miles
Author: valery
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Royal Malaysian Police Museum
  • Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
  • Textile Museum
  • Telecommunications Museum
  • Petrosains, The Discovery Centre
  • Galeri Petronas
Royal Malaysian Police Museum

1) Royal Malaysian Police Museum (must see)

The Royal Malaysian Police Museum, known locally as Muzium Polis Diraja Malaysia, is one of those rare museums in the world that you can visit. Located at Jalan Perdana, this museum was established in 1961. Recently, it was renovated at a cost of over RM 8 million and inaugurated in 1999.

The current museum has three major galleries. Over 7500 artifacts have been displayed, most having been confiscated by the Malaysian Police. The exhibition starts with the history of policing in Malaysia and includes the attires of policemen from as early as the 1400s and shows the changes that came in along with the invasions of the Dutch and then the British. You can also see the ceremonial uniforms and medals received by Inspector Generals of Police (IGP).

The third gallery displaying weaponry is the one that gets the most attention. Exhibits vary from penknives to cannons and from the museum's early establishment to the post-WWII and Communist Era in the country. Outside the museum, you can also see the Mercedes used by the IGPs, the police boats, and Malaysian Air Force’s first aircraft, a Cessna single-engine plane. Since most items are confiscated you can find some rare artifacts on display such as items used for forging, gambling and handkerchiefs that were called pornographic. To explore the wonderful collection and to gain a unique experience, you must visit the Royal Malaysian Police Museum.

Why You Should Visit:
Lots to look at, lots of uniforms and military regalia and lots of info in English.
The displays are very well laid out with easy to read descriptions, plus there's AC!

Combine this with the National Mosque, the National Planetarium, Perdana Botanical Gardens and maybe the Islamic Arts Museum which are all nearby and you have SO much to do in one day!

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun: 10am-6pm; free admission
On Fridays, the museum is closed between 12:30–2:30pm for prayers.
Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

2) Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (must see)

Officially opened in 1998, the Islamic Arts Museum is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s tourist belt amidst the lush greenery and within walking distance to the National Mosque, Birds Park and National Planetarium.

The museum has 12 main galleries which are classified according to the types of artifacts spread over level 3 and 4. Level 3 of the museum hosts the Quran and Manuscripts Gallery, the Islamic Architecture Gallery, the India Gallery, the Chinese Gallery, the Ancient Malay World Gallery as well as the amazing reconstructed Ottoman Syrian Room dating back to the 19th Century. Visitors can also proceed upstairs to Level 4 which hosts an amazing display of jewelry, textile, arms and armor, ceramics as well as ancient Islamic glassware.

Why You Should Visit:
To spend a couple of hours surrounded by exquisite Islamic art and artifacts, curated extremely well in Malay, English, and Arabic.
The beautiful domed building has lots of light and there is plenty of space to wander and look at their collection of Qur'ans, jewelry, ceramics, weapons and so on.
The architecture gallery with models of significant mosques is also very good, and the gift shop actually has useful gifts – not just mugs and posters – and MANY of them, too!

Make sure to bring cash as they do not accept credit cards; you are only free to visit the library or café or gift shop.
The National Mosque is just across the street, so it makes sense to visit these two places together.

Opening Hours:
Daily: 9:30am-6pm (including Malaysian Public Holidays, except for Hari Raya Aidilfitri)
Sight description based on wikipedia
Textile Museum

3) Textile Museum

Malaysia is well known for its creative textile art and exquisite fabrics. Famous amongst the fabrics is the Batik style, an age old technique of staining the cloth with wax-resistant dye to produce beautiful patterns. Although the Batik may have established itself outside the boundaries of Malaysia, one would be surprised to discover the various types of traditional textiles, fabric and designs that the country has to display, some of which are much older than the Batik itself.

The best place to educate oneself about the array of local textiles and the art of Batik is the National Textile Museum. It showcases some of world’s rarest and most exquisite textiles. Located at the Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, the Museum is housed in over a century old heritage building that was previously occupied by various institutes and civil departments.

The Museum is segmented in four well organized galleries, each depicting an era of the Malay textile history and the influence of the varied cultures that added more variety to the fabric of time. Each gallery has a unique story to tell that is sure to keep you captivated till the end. The galleries cover every aspect of textile history; like prehistoric fabric, tools, materials and techniques to present day Batik fabric and its evolution. The Museum also sheds light upon the various cultures along with their respective textiles and fabrics, and explores their influence on the local art. The Museum also showcases some of the most breathtaking jewelry from various parts of the world.
Telecommunications Museum

4) Telecommunications Museum

Since the advent of the telephone in 1870 by Alexander Graham Bell, the world of telecommunications has come a long way. Today in the era of wireless network, digital signaling and satellite telecommunication, it is hard to believe that the first spark to ignite the world with idea of long distance communication just happened just over a century ago. Celebrating these achievements and educating people about this dynamic industry is the Telecommunication Museum in Kuala Lumpur.

Housed in an elegant two storied Neo-Classic building along the Jalan Raja Chulan, the Telecommunication Museum in Kuala Lumpur is where you get to see the progress made over the years in the field of telecommunication and broadcasting. The building came into existence in 1928 and was constructed to accommodate the Central Battery Manual Telephone Exchange.

The Telecommunication Museum was the first of its kind in the whole country to have interactive exhibits. Spread across 900 square meters of land, the Museum is a repository of old telephones and outdate machinery once used for telecommunication. The Museum has houses several audio visual exhibits, educative rooms for school kids archives and resource areas. With some artifacts that are over 120 years old, a lot of the exhibits go back to the prewar era making the Museum a must-visit when in Kuala Lumpur.

Hours: Mon-Sun 9am - 5pm
Petrosains, The Discovery Centre

5) Petrosains, The Discovery Centre (must see)

One of the main attractions in the Petronas Towers is the Petrosains, a museum focused on science, geology and the petroleum industry. 

Working in collaboration with the European Collaborative for Science Industry and Technology Exhibitions (ECSITE), The Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology (ASPAC) and the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC), this fascinating museum does the best job in bringing the audiences closer to science and technology. With live science demonstrations and interactive exhibits, the Petrosains Museum is a hit with all ages.

Get to observe the model of the Sauber PETRONAS Formula One racing car, after which dive straight into the dense rainforests of Malaysia and experience what it is to be close to an active volcano along with models of some extinct species that once roamed the face of the earth at the Geotime Diorama. Other exhibits also include great insights into the petroleum industry and the Petrojaya, a replica of a village with hi-tech gadgets in cartoon forms. Definitely a fun visit for all ages!

Why You Should Visit:
You can't beat a combination of dark ride + science center + museum + playground + café + 3D movie + game stations + offshore platform + robot stations + diggers & excavators + dinosaurs + many more DIY/science stations. A couple of exhibits are showing their age but really it doesn't matter because the variety more than makes up for that.

The best age for this museum is from 6 to 18 years, or if you've never been in any interactive museum before.
Make sure to buy cheaper tickets online and come as soon as possible, but try to avoid going during school holidays.
If you leave and want to return, be sure to let staff know. They will give you special re-entry wristbands and can bring you back to the Sparks part of the museum so you don't have to redo the whole first part.

Opening Hours:
Tue–Fri: 9:30am-5:30pm (last admission: 4pm); Sat, Sun & Holidays: 9:30am-6:30pm (last admission: 5pm)
Galeri Petronas

6) Galeri Petronas

This novel art gallery puts forward a vibrant line of exhibitions, including all kinds of art. It was founded in 1993 and since then it has hosted various exhibitions which have been much admired for their originality. It exhibits both national and international art. The art displayed in the gallery includes crafts, figurines, pictures, illustrations, fabrics, and ceramic objects.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

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