Museums & Galleries, Old Town, Edinburgh

Museums & Galleries, Old Town, Edinburgh
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Popular for its rich cultural heritage, Edinburgh attracts a large number of tourists towards its numerous history and science museums that tell the compelling story of Scotland. Edinburgh is also a city where many locals spend their free time visiting galleries and attending art events. You can find amazing collections of original artwork in the many exhibitions around town. Take this tour and see the most important museums and galleries in the Old Town of Edinburgh.

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Guide Name: Museums & Galleries, Old Town
Guide Location: Scotland » Edinburgh (See other walking tours in Edinburgh)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 10
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.2 km
Author: Helen
Talbot Rice Gallery

1) Talbot Rice Gallery

Talbot Rice Gallery is an historic art gallery that was built in 1975. It consists of two galleries. The White Gallery offers rotating exhibitions, while the Red Gallery preserves a magnificent collection of works, including Biblical scenes and oil portraits.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00...   view more
National Museums of Scotland

2) National Museums of Scotland (must see)

The National Museums of Scotland is situated on Chambers Street near the George IV Bridge and contains the principal Scottish and worldwide collections of artefacts, antiques, science and technology.

The National Museums were created in 2006 when the Royal Museum and the Museum of Scotland merged and were linked internally by opening former storage areas and the creation of the Grand Gallery. The display areas spread from the basement to the roof and the vaulted Entrance Hall is huge and...   view more
Writers' Museum

3) Writers' Museum

Lots of people dream of being a successful author with the riches and acclaim that go with the job. A visit to the Writer’s Museum on the Mound probably won’t help you on your way, but it will give you a great insight to some of Scotland’s most distinguished writers, so you shouldn’t miss visiting it.

You will find the museum in the Lady Stair’s House in the Close of the same name. The house was built in 1622 and was bought by the Dowager Countess of Stair in the late 18th century....   view more
The Scotch Whisky Experience

4) The Scotch Whisky Experience (must see)

What is the difference between “whisky” and “whiskey”? If you don’t know, visit The Scotch Whisky Experience and find the answer to that question and discover a whole lot of other interesting facts about Scotland’s favourite tipple.

This interactive museum is great fun, even for children, who have their own guide – “Peat the Cat”, who will take them on an exciting tour full of fun facts and games. For the adults, the journey through the museum begins with a barrel ride that...   view more
Museum on the Mound

5) Museum on the Mound

The Museum on the Mound is an enriching and eye-opening experience that you really shouldn’t miss.

This fascinating museum opened in 2006 and is housed in the former Bank of Scotland headquarters which is decorated with portraits of notable Scottish bankers, pictures and maps showing Edinburgh over the centuries. But the museum isn’t about the history of the city; it’s about money. It is one of the three banking museums in the United Kingdom.

It covers over 4000 years of the history...   view more
City Art Centre

6) City Art Centre

The City Art Centre is a modern gallery with a fine art collection that hosts various exhibitions. Opened in 1980, with six floors containing galleries, visitors can enjoy fun workshops, shows and hands-on activities. Due to its rich programs it is one of the most visited exhibition centers in Edinburgh.

Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm; Sunday 12pm -...   view more
Museum Of Childhood

7) Museum Of Childhood (must see)

If your kids are a bit fed up with visiting ancient monuments and galleries, it’s time to take them to the Museum of Childhood on the Royal Mile.

In the early nineteen fifties, Patrick Murray, a member of the Edinburgh Council, realised that a lot of children weren’t very interested in the museums their parents took them to on cold, wet days. He began to think about a museum dedicated to children and everything that centres around kids – their education, their health and, of course,...   view more
John Knox House

8) John Knox House

House museums are always interesting to visit, not only because you get a fascinating insight into the lives of the building’s former owners, but also because you can see what fashions were like in the owner’s day. John Knox House is no exception.

The house was built in around 1490 and is the oldest house on the Royal Mile. It has wonderful hand-painted ceilings, oak beams and wooden galleries. Today it is owned and managed by the Church of Scotland, but once it belonged to James Mossman,...   view more
People's Story Museum

9) People's Story Museum

Learning about Scotland’s royalty and nobility is all very interesting, but sometimes you might ask: what about the ordinary people, how did they live? The answer is to be found in the People’s Story Museum.

Housed in Canongate Tolbooth, built in 1591 and once a customs house and jail, the museum tells the history of Edinburgh seen through the eyes of the people who lived and worked there, from the 18th century to the present.

A written and oral presentation, backed up with...   view more
Museum of Edinburgh

10) Museum of Edinburgh

Don’t miss a visit to the Museum of Edinburgh, which you will find in the 16th century Huntley House on the Royal Mile.

This wonderful museum is all about the origins, the history and the legends of the city. The house once belonged to the Guild of Hammermen and there are many fine silverware objects on display.

There is also a collection of beautiful glassware, engraved in nearby Canongate, fine Scottish pottery, magnificent grandfather clocks and a Sedan chair. There is an interactive...   view more


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