Museums Tour, Istanbul

Museums Tour, Istanbul
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Istanbul is a city with nearly 2 millenia of history as a capital of empires and the largest city of the republic of Turkey. Tourists may see history on every corner, but museums have the finest artifacts on display. We invite you to walk through the best museums in Istanbul in the guide below.

Museums Tour Map

Guide Name: Museums Tour
Guide Location: Turkey » Istanbul (See other walking tours in Istanbul)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 8.4 km
Author: kane
Hagia Sophia

1) Hagia Sophia (must see)

Hagia Sophia means “Holy Wisdom” in Greek. This monumental structure was once an Orthodox patriarchal Basilica, then a mosque, and now, finally, is a Museum in the city of Istanbul. It was built in the fourth century by Constantine the Great as a Church, and it has seen much of the changing ruling powers of Istanbul ever since.

Many people mistake it as being dedicated to Saint Sofia, but the church was originally dedicated to the second person of the Holy Trinity, and its full Greek name...   view more
Archaeology Museum

2) Archaeology Museum (must see)

The Istanbul Archaeology Museum actually consists of three museums which include: 1. The Archeological Museum 2. The Museum of the Ancient Orient and 3. The Museum of Islamic Art These three museums are collectively called the Istanbul Archeology Museum, which is located in the Eminonu district of Istanbul, near the Topkapi Palace. The museum houses some of the most remarkable objects and collections that span over a millennium in world history. The most distinctive and famous item exhibited in...   view more
Istanbul Modern Museum

3) Istanbul Modern Museum (must see)

The Istanbul modern museum of art is a museum of contemporary art located in the Beyoglu district. Istanbul has always been a rich centre of culture and history, and the modern museum of art gives visitors a taste of the “new city”.

This museum features the contemporary works of Turkish and also international artists. This was once a warehouse in the Tophane neighborhood on the Bosphorus and it is unique throughout Turkey, being the first of its kind found in the country. The museum is...   view more
Pera Museum

4) Pera Museum

Pera Museum is a private museum in the Tepebaşı quarter of the Beyoğlu district in Istanbul, Turkey. It was founded by the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation with the aim of offering a broad range of high-quality culture and arts services. Inaugurated on 8 June 2005, the museum is located in the historic building of the former Hotel Bristol, which was designed by architect Achille Manoussos and built in 1893.

Pera Museum shares its three permanent collections Orientalist Paintings,...   view more
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Adam Mickiewicz Museum

5) Adam Mickiewicz Museum

Adam Mickiewicz Museum is located in the house where Adam Mickiewicz, the great Polish poet, lived and died. Here you can find some of his manuscripts, paintings and historic documents. After a fire in the late 19th century, the house was renovated and established as a museum with the help of the Polish Museum of Literature in 1955.

Operation hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9 am - 4...   view more
Istanbul Military Museum

6) Istanbul Military Museum (must see)

Istanbul Military Museum is called the Askeri Müze in Turkish. It is dedicated to 1000 years of the Turkish military’s history. Originally the museum was opened in the Saint Irene Church, and it was shifted to the First Army Headquarters building during the 1950’s. Its current location is not far from Taksim Square in Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Harbiye district. The word “Harb” translates to “warfare” from the Turkish language and this site is an important military installation. The...   view more
Atatürk Museum

7) Atatürk Museum

Atatürk Museum is of crucial importance for each person in Turkey, as it is entirely dedicated to the founder of the Turkish republic Mustafa Kemal, later called Ataturk, the father of the Turks. Here visitors can find his personal belongings, paintings, even clothes, plus many documents.

Operation hours: 9:30 am - 4 pm daily except Thursdays and...   view more


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