Museums Tour (Self Guided), San Salvador

San Salvador offers a number of cultural places to visit, including art galleries and museums whose exhibitions range from old pieces of art that represent the city's and country's formation to modern pieces of art including photography. Most of these places are located in the city's center and are very easy to visit.
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Museums Tour Map

Guide Name: Museums Tour
Guide Location: El Salvador » San Salvador (See other walking tours in San Salvador)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 8.8 Km or 5.5 Miles
Author: jenny
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Museo de Arte de El Salvador
  • Museo Nacional de Antropologia David J. Guzman
  • Museo Forma/ Galleria Forma
  • Centro Nacional De Artes
  • Museo de Niños "Tin Marin"
  • Museo Universitario de Antropología
Museo de Arte de El Salvador

1) Museo de Arte de El Salvador (must see)

Museo de Arte de El Salvador is known for its beautiful collections of different national artists along with pieces of art by famous artists like Picasso and Van Gogh. Mostly the museum presents artwork by the most popular Salvadorian artists who present local themes and images of the country as they understand and see it. Through these works visitors can see another image of the country as seen through an artist eye. There is a shop where you can find souvenirs and crafts that will remind you of this museum and its artists. You can also have a dessert and coffee inside the museum and discuss the exhibits with your friends.
Museo Nacional de Antropologia David J. Guzman

2) Museo Nacional de Antropologia David J. Guzman (must see)

Museo Nacional de Antropologia David J. Guzman is an informative place to view exhibitions of the country’s historical and archaeological past and to enjoy many other cultural events. It also exhibits works some of the country's painters that show through their art their nation's history. The museum also shows temporary collections of works by artists from Latin America and other regions. It is known as a new museum and one of the best in the country due to its collections and the artists that present their works there. It has two floors for exhibitions along with an artifact garden and prehistoric rock carvings.
Museo Forma/ Galleria Forma

3) Museo Forma/ Galleria Forma

Museo Forma/Galleria Forma is a symbol of the Julia Diaz generation of artists who made a movement that symbolized the human capacity for reinventing himself from a young artist into a powerful creator. It is housed in a old neoclassic style building that has six rooms where permanent exhibitions by Julia Diaz, Canjura, Raúl Elas Reyes, and Rosa Mena Valenzuela are presented.
Centro Nacional De Artes

4) Centro Nacional De Artes

Centro Nacional De Artes was established in 1994 by the Council for Culture and Arts. The Center's main mission deals with the goal of generating the appearance and development of new technologies in art and new opportunities in art development. It has five main domains: music, cinema, theater, art and dance. It is a place where many cultural events take place. Apart from this the center has a collection of works of 7 of the most known and important artists from Mexico in the field of art development.
Museo de Niños "Tin Marin"

5) Museo de Niños "Tin Marin" (must see)

Museo de Ninos “Tin Marin” is an interesting place for children. It is a learning and fun center that is divided into four areas: health, technology, culture and environment. It is a place where kids can admire exhibits related to these four areas. They can explore and learn first-hand, practice balance in the gravity house, make paper, and paint something. There is also a recreation place and a small café where kids can relax and eat something in order to have energy for other activities. Entering without children is not allowed.
Museo Universitario de Antropología

6) Museo Universitario de Antropología

Museo Universitario de Antropología is a new museum that opened in 2006 and is sponsored by the University Tecnologica. One of its objectives is to promote art and culture. It is housed in a beautiful twentieth century building right in the center of the city. It has collections of donations of religious items, a collection dedicated to musician Pancho Lara, and a room dedicated to international photographs that show the history of San Salvador. It also houses other temporary exhibitions and cultural events dedicated to art.

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Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 8.6 Km or 5.3 Miles