Museums Walking Tour, Part II (Self Guided), Malaga

Malaga is quite generous when it comes to museums; there are options for all tastes, whether you are most attracted to religious art or you are a Picasso fan. The city boasts two marvelous museums that exhibit the work of the famous Spanish painter – Pablo Picasso; one of these reveals the atmosphere where the painter was born and raised. Take this tour to find out more about Malaga’s history and its outstanding personalities.
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Museums Walking Tour, Part II Map

Guide Name: Museums Walking Tour, Part II
Guide Location: Spain » Malaga (See other walking tours in Malaga)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 5
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.9 Km or 1.2 Miles
Author: HelenF
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Fundación Picasso – Museo Casa Natal
  • Museo del Vidrio y Cristal
  • Museo Picasso Málaga
  • Museo de Málaga
  • Museo del Patrimonio Municipal
Fundación Picasso – Museo Casa Natal

1) Fundación Picasso – Museo Casa Natal (must see)

The Fundacio Picasso also known as the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation was established in 1988 for the promotion and promulgation of the works of Picasso. The offices of the foundation are located in the house where Picasso was born.

The Casa Natal or the house where the artist was born is now a historical artistic monument of national interest in Málaga. The foundation opened another exhibition space in the same plaza in 2005. The Picasso foundation runs a Picasso documentation center, stores art collections of Picasso, runs a museum and has a separate department of cultural promotion that organizes conferences and expositions. They have researched and obtained photographs and objects about or related to Picasso from all over the world. There is also an interesting library for art historians run by the Fundación Picasso. From time to time, it houses temporary exhibitions of works by great artists who were contemporaries of Picasso. The chairperson of the foundation is the mayor of the city of Málaga and the vice chairperson is a delegate for culture of the city council.

Fundación Picasso is the tribute paid by the people of Málaga to honor and remember Picasso, who was born in the city but achieved international fame for his contribution to the world of art.

Not *really* a must-see, but admission is free every Sunday from 4pm, so it is worth to visit if you're in the neighborhood.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 9:30am-8pm (Apr-Oct); Mon, Wed-Sun: 9:30am-8pm (Nov-March)
Museo del Vidrio y Cristal

2) Museo del Vidrio y Cristal (must see)

The Museum of Glass and Crystal in Malaga has a private collection of over 3,000 glass and crystal objects, although only 1,000 exhibits are showcased at a given time. The owner of the museum is Gonzales Fernandez Pietro, a Malaga resident with a passion for collecting glass and crystal, period furniture and art. He is also the first recipient of the Malaga Culture Award instituted by the city to honor its citizens in 2010.

The museum opened its doors to visitors in 2009. The collection is housed in an 18th-century palace, once owned by a wealthy Italian family. Each room is decorated with furniture, glass and crystal of a specific period. Where exhibits are from the 18th century, the room is decorated with 18th-century furniture. The glass and crystal items range from Egyptian and Roman objects to contemporary glass sculpture.

Exhibits at the museum include 1880 English pre-Raphaelite stained glass windows by Albert Moore and objects from every famous glass manufacturer like Lalique, Wedgewood, Webb, Galle, Daum and La Granja. There is also a Henry Gervex painting called the Red Dress and a portrait of the owner’s grandfather as a young boy standing with his mother.

Why You Should Visit:
To spend a great time with a great guide full of information about glass, crystal, the beautiful house & the contents, pictures, furniture, and how this delight came to be gathered together 20 years ago.
Guided tours only (English/Spanish), and very much unlike the usual museum visits – highly recommended particularly if you have any interest in decorative glass.

It's worth checking the website as concerts and events are held in the beautiful covered courtyard.

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun: 11am-7pm
Museo Picasso Málaga

3) Museo Picasso Málaga (must see)

Located 200 meters away from the place where Picasso was born, the Museo Picasso Málaga was opened by the King and Queen of Spain in 2003.

It is built within the 16th century Buenavista Palace and also occupies 18 houses from the old Jewish quarter. The Buenavista Place was built over a Moorish palace for Diego de Cazalla, the count of Buenavista. American architect Richard Gluckman drew up the plans to convert the palace and surrounding buildings into exhibition halls. Picasso went to nursery school on the street where the museum is located and his father was the curator of the City Museum nearby.

The family of Picasso donated 155 works of the artist to lay the foundation of the permanent exhibits at the museum. The collection has academic studies by the artist, cubism and his later reworking of Old Masters. The museum also has many original paintings on long-term loan. There is a collection of photographs by the Hungarian photographer, Juan Guynes who visited Picasso showing the artist’s work, workshop, his daily lifestyle and his family. Paintings of local artists from Málaga are also displayed at the museum and the library has over 800 books on Picasso.

Why You Should Visit:
Very unique pieces and a great way to learn more about the man and his art.
The museum is equipped with guiding headphones, so you'll know all the details.

It is possible to get in for free on a Sunday afternoon at noon but be aware the queues can be instantly huge and the wait long. Far better to pay the small fee and attend at your convenience.
Consider spending a full half day here – you'll want to browse all the small shops, street exhibitions, cafés & restaurants around after finishing with the museum.

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am-6pm (Nov-Feb); 10am-7pm (Mar-Jun, Sep-Oct); 10am-8pm (Jul-Aug)
Museo de Málaga

4) Museo de Málaga (must see)

Formed in 1973, Museo de Málaga brought together the former Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes (Provincial Museum of Fine Arts), born in 1913, and Museo Arqueológico Provincial (Provincial Archeological Museum), born in 1947. As of 2010, the museum remains institutionally divided into two "sections" corresponding to the older museums. There are slightly over 2,000 pieces in the Fine Arts collection and over 15,000 in the Archeology collection. The museum opened to the public in December 2016, becoming the biggest museum in Andalusia and the 5th in Spain.

Why You Should Visit:
Cool & airy inside, with lots of items on show over 3 floors: paintings, sculptures, models, archeological items, religious items, pots, jewelry, to name but a few!
Many of the other beautiful tourist places in Málaga could learn from this museum because the English translations are excellent, even on the videos.
The venue is a stunning restoration of the former Customs Building and offers more than ample space for everything that goes on inside.
And you can't beat the price – free for EU citizens and €1.50 for others.

Maybe make two visits rather than try to take it all in at once.

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sat: 9am-9pm; Sun: 9am-3pm
Sight description based on wikipedia
Museo del Patrimonio Municipal

5) Museo del Patrimonio Municipal

The Municipal Museum seeks to preserve and promote the artistic and historic glory of Malaga. The city is one of the oldest in Spain and has a history spanning 2800 years.

The idea of a Municipal Museum for the city was conceived by Francisco de la Torre Prados, the mayor of Malaga. He inaugurated the museum for public viewing in 2007. Exhibits at the museum tell the story of the city from its origin as a Phoenician settlement to the present. The exhibits start from the formation of the first town council in 1487.

The permanent collections at the museum consist of over 4000 works of art and other historical objects. Permanent exhibits consist of paintings, sculpture, documents and graphic art. There is also a big library of books about historical Malaga. The main museum has three rooms. The first has objects from the 15th to the 18th centuries and the two notable works of art in the room are the Mystical Marriage of St. Margaret by IL Parmigianino and the works of artist Alonso Cano. The second room has 19th century exhibits including paintings by renowned artists. The third room is devoted to the 20th century with contemporary art and a section devoted to Malaga’s best known artist, Pablo Picasso.

Temporary exhibitions, showing the work of a single artist are held in the upper floors of the museum and a book is published about the collection.

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