Museums Walking Tour (Self Guided), Mendoza

Mendoza is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Argentina. The city is home to many interesting museums and galleries. This two-hour tour will take you to the most fascinating museums of Mendoza.
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Museums Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Museums Walking Tour
Guide Location: Argentina » Mendoza (See other walking tours in Mendoza)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.0 Km or 3.1 Miles
Author: Xena
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Museo del Área Fundacional
  • Acuario Municipal
  • Serpentario Centro Anaconda
  • Museo Argentino de Motos Antiguas "Luis Paludet"   
  • Museum of the Cuyo's Past
  • Museo Municipal Arte Moderno
  • Museo Popular Callejero
Museo del Área Fundacional

1) Museo del Área Fundacional (must see)

The Foundation Area Museum is located at the exact location of the former Cabildo de Mendoza (Town Council), which used to be the main city governmental institution before the earthquake of 1861. The museum collection consists of archeological remains of the Cabildo, Slaughterhouse and the Fruit and Vegetable Market. The exhibition features various diagrams, photographs and models that display the history and the evolution of the city. The museum also houses a wonderful sculptural collection by local artists.
Acuario Municipal

2) Acuario Municipal (must see)

The Acuario Municipal is the perfect place to visit while sightseeing in Mendoza. This museum houses more than 1,700 specimens in 50 various ponds with a total volume of 65,000 liters. The Municipal Aquarium also features a collection of coral skeletons, mollusk valves, bivalve fossils, ammonites and many other curious exhibits. One of the most famous inhabitants of the museum is the 90 years old turtle, named Jorge. Jorge lives in a big aquarium with natural coral reefs and other facilities, which aim to make his existence as close to the natural conditions as possible.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 9 am – 7.30 pm. Admission charges: adults - $11, children - $9, students - $5.
Serpentario Centro Anaconda

3) Serpentario Centro Anaconda

Serpentario Centro Anaconda is a fascinating place, which houses more than 50 snake species, kept in special glass containers, allowing visitors to study them from an extremely close distance. Here you will find different snakes, including anacondas, boas, pythons and corals in various sizes. The exhibition also includes informational sheets on handling snakes, extracting venom, photos with larger specimens and injuries, tips for bites, and many other interesting facts.
Museo Argentino de Motos Antiguas "Luis Paludet"   

4) Museo Argentino de Motos Antiguas "Luis Paludet"   

Museo Argentino de Motos Antiguas "Luis Paludet" is an absolutely unique place, here you will find a collection of rare, antique motorbikes dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The museum exhibits such rarities as the Peugeot (1904), Belgian four-cylinder FN (1907), two-cylinder British Triumph (1907), Harley Davidson (1927) and many other inimitable samples. The museum was established in August, 1981. It aims to show the development of the motorcycle industry from different countries, as well as trace the evolution of the most renown brands.
Museum of the Cuyo's Past

5) Museum of the Cuyo's Past (must see)

Established in 1967, Museum of the Cuyo's Past gives a deep insight into the lifestyle and roots of the Cuyo region inhabitants. The museum mainly concentrates on the 19th century period. It occupies 16 rooms and 4 courtyards. The exhibition consists of furniture, pictorial works, documents, household objects, creating the atmosphere of the time and taking the visitors back to the 19th century. Each of the rooms has its own theme and focuses on a specific part of life, we have an archeological room, religious room, weapons’ room, room of oil in Mendoza, room dedicated to the Unitarian and Federal ideas, Independence room, the civil governor room, and, the most popular one, room dedicated to Liberator General don José de San Martín. Along with the exhibited items and showpieces, the museum houses a library of more that 5,000 volumes, as well as newspapers and documents recording facts from Mendoza's history.
Museo Municipal Arte Moderno

6) Museo Municipal Arte Moderno

Museo Municipal Arte Moderno was inaugurated in 1967. Initially, the museum had a different location and moved to its current premises at the Plaza Independencia only in 1991. The museum features a big showroom, divided in the middle by a double row of columns. Museum's heritage contains a rich collection of works by such great contemporary artists as Berni Argentines, Spilimbergo, Gambarte, Pérez Celis, Crivelli, Quesada, Scafatti, Hoffman, and many others.

General admission - $6, seniors and students - $4, children - free. Wednesday free admission.
Museo Popular Callejero

7) Museo Popular Callejero

Founded in 1993, Museo Popular Callejero (Street Folk Museum) is a contemporary sidewalk museum. It consist of nine street side dioramas, depicting the one hundred year history of Las Heras Street (1850 – 1950). All the dioramas are handmade and absolutely unique, they show people, houses, horses and carriages. The people on the dioramas have their own distinctive characters and create a rather curious and interesting impression. The museum was recently renovated and is rightly counted among the intangible heritage objects of the province.

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