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Papeete Introduction Walk (Self Guided), Papeete

Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, is renowned for its beautiful natural setting. Still, other than lush green areas and stunning beaches, the city boasts a number of man-made attractions as well, worth checking out. Just take a stroll down Boulevard Pomare and see for yourself or follow this orientation walk to discover some of the most loveliest sights of Papeete.
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Papeete Introduction Walk Map

Guide Name: Papeete Introduction Walk
Guide Location: Tahiti » Papeete (See other walking tours in Papeete)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 14
Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.3 Km or 2.7 Miles
Author: karenl
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Presidential Palace
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Marche Municipale
  • City Hall
  • Place Vaiete
  • Le Musee de la Perle
  • Waterfront
  • The Quay
  • Place Tarahoi
  • Bougainville Statue
  • Bougainville Park
  • Place Jacques Chirac
  • Eglise Evangélique
  • Jardin de PAOFAI
Presidential Palace

1) Presidential Palace (must see)

Newly built, the edifice is both the working area and the living quarters of the president. Since Mr.Temaru came into this building as President of the Government of French Polynesia in May, 2004, taking his position from Mr. Gaston Flosse, it has created the opportunity for all to visit inside the former President's Palace. Gaston Flosse's presidential palace is situated near the chic shopping district Center Vaima.
Notre Dame Cathedral

2) Notre Dame Cathedral (must see)

Started in 1856 and opened in 1875, the cathedral is one of the oldest and largest churches in this town. Situated in the centre of town, it was set up with stones brought from Australia and granite from the Gambier Archipelago in 1875. After hitting a financial crisis, the project was shut down. The official opening took place in 1869 and the final product is what you see today. When the church is opened, go inside where it is quiet and cool, and look at the paintings of the Crucifixion.
Marche Municipale

3) Marche Municipale (must see)

Situated right in the centre of the town, this market is part of a highly economical shopping area and is considered to be the heart of all local activities. It is a two-storey, contemporary building with an escalator where the first floor is filled with fresh food, while on the second floor you will find crafts, pearls, unique souvenirs and local arts. The perfect time to visit here is Sunday mornings, when residents from all over the island come to shop.
City Hall

4) City Hall (must see)

Inaugurated in 1990, the town hall is one of the most beautiful structures that is a re-creation of the original palace and royal residence of Queen Pomare IV of Tahiti. The city hall architecture is of Neoclassical style and the pink exterior catches the eye. When you enter inside the building you will see beautiful sculpted glass, Roco lifts and other pieces of historical significance. City Hall is surrounded by a beautiful garden which has several sculptures and artifacts.
Place Vaiete

5) Place Vaiete (must see)

The place is an exciting, modern square with benches, a waterfall and public toilets that are very clean and open all day; there is even a security guard. In the evening, the space for food stalls and musical events of all kinds is put to goo duse. Here you can enjoy a lovely day until about 3 am, where you can have a cheap meal at one of the roulottes (mobile dining vans).
Le Musee de la Perle

6) Le Musee de la Perle (must see)

Built in 1998 by Robert Wan, a very famous black pearl specialist, the Pearl Museum not only covers the history of pearl cultivation, but also cultivation techniques and the business aspect of pearl trading. Enter the amazing world of pearls and jewels. It showcases a great number of special pearl elements on its display, the highlight being the world’s largest Tahitian pearl. Art, history, mythology, philosophy and religion are presented as well as technical explanations.

7) Waterfront

Stretching from the Place To'Ata to the Place Vaiete, the waterfront is the perfect place for a romantic evening. The waterfront has a holiday atmosphere and is always buzzing with activity. The great flavours of caramel popcorn and candies fill the air. Along the waterfront you can also see a park with a wonderful landscape and admire the Moorea Island which is a very scenic view from the promenade. You'll find various shops selling local food and a very festive atmosphere.
The Quay

8) The Quay

Yachts and boats from the whole world come here between April and September, and resident vessels are accosted here all year long. On the other side of the port is Motu Uta, which was a small, unique island of the Queen Pomare years ago but is now home to pontoon bridges and warehouses of Papeete's shipping port. The boats at the quay are one of the best tourist attractions. Most of the day, people walk by slowly and admire the many ports of call for the boats tied to the quay. You will often see tourists taking pictures of their significant others with the boats in the background.
Place Tarahoi

9) Place Tarahoi

It was here that Queen Pomare IV lived in a beautiful mansion before the French took control in 1842 and used Tarahoi as their headquarters. Her lovely home is long gone, but is replicated by the Papeete Town Hall. Right in front of it, the modern edifice on the left is the Territorial Assembly and includes the home of the French Polynesian president.
Bougainville Statue

10) Bougainville Statue (must see)

Situated at the entrance of the park, facing the seafront, you can see the Bougainville statue which is dedicated to Louis Antoine de Bougainvile, a French sailor. He stopped in this city in 1768 and became very famous in Europe when he published his "Voyage autour du monde" in which he described Tahiti as heaven on earth where men and women lived happily in innocence, away from the corruption of civilization.
Bougainville Park

11) Bougainville Park (must see)

Located adjacent to the post office, the Bougainville park is the best place for a promenade in the fresh air while viewing the amazing surroundings of Papeete. The park is a real tropical heaven filled with lush green landscape. It has a lot of trees providing shade during the warmest part of the day when many are walking through the park. It is well maintained and is a great place for the kids to run around and have fun. There is an entire playground with rides and swings dedicated to kids.
Place Jacques Chirac

12) Place Jacques Chirac

Papeete's vast road renovations are not just a traffic semicircle, through which the four directions of boulevard Pomare cross and meet the adjoining underground parking place. Located in downtown Papeete, on the port side, the semicircular park is very popular in this town, whose name created some problems because French tradition goes against naming a public place after a living president. Flosse officially initiated a two-level, underground parking lot for 280 vehicles, in addition to some landscaping between the entrance and exit, thus far unfinished.
Eglise Evangélique

13) Eglise Evangélique

An impressive bell tower sits atop Eglise Evangélique, the biggest Protestant church in French Polynesia. The local Evangelical people grew out of the early work by the London Missionary Society. Today, the pastors are all of French nationality. Built in 1818, a section of the landfill across the boulevard is reserved for the church. Papeete national sport, canoe racing and boats landing in the harbour during lunchtime and after work used to be held across the boulevard from the church.
Jardin de PAOFAI

14) Jardin de PAOFAI (must see)

This is the main walking area along the waterfront, where you’ll find paved walking paths that meander past blooming planter boxes and the occasional tree.

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