Places of Worship Walking Tour in Los Angeles (Self Guided), Los Angeles

Los Angeles features a great number of beautiful churches and temples. These religious buildings attract a lot of tourists as well as Hollywood celebrities. For instance, Bing Crosby often visited the Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills. Take this self-guided tour to explore some of the wonderful Los Angeles churches.
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Places of Worship Walking Tour in Los Angeles Map

Guide Name: Places of Worship Walking Tour in Los Angeles
Guide Location: USA » Los Angeles (See other walking tours in Los Angeles)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 6.2 Km or 3.9 Miles
Author: ashley
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Los Angeles California Temple
  • Westwood Presbyterian Church
  • Westwood Methodist Church
  • Sinai Temple
  • Church of Scientology Beverly Hills
  • The Church of the Good Shepherd
  • Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church
Los Angeles California Temple

1) Los Angeles California Temple

You will find the Los Angeles California Temple on top of a small hill on Santa Monica Boulevard.

This Mormon temple, operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was consecrated in 1956 and is the church’s second largest temple in the United States. The temple was built in Modernist design and its 14000 square metres of Mo-Sai concrete cladding give it an impressive appearance.

The temple, which is 112 metres long, 82 metres wide and 78 metres high, is set in 25 acres of grounds with well tended lawns, beautiful plants, two fountains and family-theme statues. The apartments set aside for missionaries, temple patrons and workers and visiting church officials are, of course, private, but the rest of the grounds are open to the public – there is even a baseball field.

Also on the grounds is the Visitor’s Centre where everyone is welcome. You will find here multimedia presentations and exhibitions about the temple, the Mother Church and the Mormon faith. There’s a great Children’s Area with lots of fun activities for the kids where they’ll be well looked after if they don’t feel like joining you on one of the guided tours of the temple. Another building on the grounds is the home of the Los Angeles Regional Family History Centre.
Westwood Presbyterian Church

2) Westwood Presbyterian Church

Founded over 60 years ago, Westwood Presbyterian Church is a beautiful church located on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. It is located near The University of California, Los Angeles. This church began as a university church. It has become a very popular metropolitan church that draws people from all over LA.
Westwood Methodist Church

3) Westwood Methodist Church

Westwood Methodist Church is an amazing example of beautiful contemporary and Gothic architecture. The first chapel of this church was constructed in 1929. The Westwood Methodist Church seats about 600 people. Famous actress Jaclyn Smith got married in Westwood Methodist Church in 1997.
Sinai Temple

4) Sinai Temple

If you want to take part in an eloquent and lively sermon given by one of the most popular Rabbi’s in Los Angeles, you should go to the Sinai Temple on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Beverly Gen Boulevard.

The Conservative Judaism movement established itself in the area in 1906 and has the largest and oldest congregation in Los Angeles. The temple was built by Sidney Eisenshtat in 1956 and its structure and use of stained glass has caused it to be compared with the buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Sinai Akiba Academy, with its classes from to pre-kindergarten to the 8th grade, has been part of the temple since 1968.

The temple’s “Friday Night Live” event attracts large numbers of young people with its interesting talks, music and parties. Since 2010 the Head Rabbi is the well-known author and public speaker David Wolpe.

Rabbi Wolpe is a popular TV show guest and he also invites interesting guest speakers to the temple. Named the “N° 1 Pulpit Rabbi” in 2008 by Newsweek Magazine, Rabbi Wolpe is considered by more orthodox Jews as something of a controversial figure, after his Passover Sermon in 2001, when he questioned the historicity of the Exodus out of Egypt. He backed his arguments by showing that there was no archaeological proof of Moses and his people spending 40 years in the desert, while there was ample proof of settlements around Canaan long before the parting of the Red Sea. In spite of this controversy, the sermons at the temple are interesting, well thought out and well attended.
Church of Scientology Beverly Hills

5) Church of Scientology Beverly Hills

Church of Scientology is a small beautiful church located in Beverly Hills. This church is very popular among locals, since there are a large number of Scientologists in the city of Los Angeles who are permanently attending this unique place of worship.
The Church of the Good Shepherd

6) The Church of the Good Shepherd

You will find the Church of the Good Shepherd on North Bedford drive in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, and you will be enchanted by this small Catholic Church.

This lovely church, which houses 600 worshippers, is the oldest in Beverly Hills and has been the local Parish church for many Hollywood stars, including Bing Crosby and Rudolph Valentino, since its consecration in 1924. It has also held funeral services for people such as Alfred Hitchcock, Gary Cooper and Frank Sinatra. On a more joyful note it has also it has also celebrated the wedding of Elizabeth Taylor to Conrad Hilton and Mark Wahlberg to Rhea Durham among many others.

The elegant building has a Spanish Colonial Revival façade, with white walls and terracotta roof tiles. It has two graceful spires topped with golden domes and many beautiful stained-glass windows. The three front entrances have carved wooden doors set in archways, with a short flight of shallow steps leading up to the entrance. The church stands in well tended gardens, with green lawns, cedar trees and cacti. There is a statue of Jesus Christ holding a lamb in front of the building.

The interior of the church is a lovely as the exterior, but quite simple with its double row of dark wooden pews and two small side chapels. Its many windows give the interior a light, airy atmosphere.
Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church

7) Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church

If you are thinking of getting married while you are in Los Angeles, you couldn’t do better than to pick the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church for your venue. Actually, even if you are not thinking of tying the knot, do visit this lovely church complex situated on North Rodeo Drive.

The original church was built in 1926 and its 68 ft steeple from the first building has been joined to a two storey complex surrounding a wonderful central courtyard full of statues, leafy walkways and beautiful flowers. There is a huge chapel hall for wedding receptions.

The church is a favorite venue for weddings – not least because being located on the most famous shopping street in the world might give you the chance to get a few famous people in your wedding snaps!

If you want a small, intimate ceremony you have the choice of the Walker Chapel, which is simply decorated and will hold up to 50 guests, or the Chancel itself where 30 guests can sit in the choir area.

The Main Sanctuary is the ideal place for a grand wedding, with its 106ft central aisle and dark wooden pews that can seat up to 500 guests. Its wrought-iron candelabras and 12 stained glass windows light the bride’s way up the aisle to the Chancel which is lit by 4 antique chandeliers and a beautiful rose window above the altar.

There is a choice of musical instruments to accompany the bride: a Muller pipe organ, a grand piano or a harpsichord. If you are feeling very extravagant (and rich) you can also hire the church choir.

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