Rabat-Salé Walk (Self Guided), Rabat

Sale is the twin city of Rabat and it is located just across the Bou Regreg River. It is also a very old settlement with a rich history and some very interesting and fascinating attractions. Take this walk in Sale in order to see its most famous tourist attractions.
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Rabat-Salé Walk Map

Guide Name: Rabat-Salé Walk
Guide Location: Morocco » Rabat (See other walking tours in Rabat)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.1 Km or 1.3 Miles
Author: alice
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Bab Mrisa
  • Place Bab Khebaz
  • Mosquée Sidi Ahmed Hajji
  • Souk el Kebir
  • The Salé Medersa
  • Salé Great Mosque
  • Sidi Abdellah Ben Hassoun Marabout
  • Sidi Ben Achir Mosque
Bab Mrisa

1) Bab Mrisa (must see)

Bab Mrisa or the "Gate of the Little Harbour" is the most popular gate of the walled Sale. The gate was built by Merinid Sultan Abu Yusuf in the 13th century. Through the gate there was a canal that made it possible for the pirate ships to get into the city. This gate made Sale one of the most important ports at that time. The gate is also very beautiful, made in Moorish style with most beautiful ornaments on it. It also has two towers for its protection and is a little bit taller then other gates of the Sale city.
Place Bab Khebaz

2) Place Bab Khebaz

Place Bab Khebaz is a small and very pleasant park located within the Sale’s Medina. It is a great place to rest during a long walk. Also around the place there are several cafes that can make this rest more pleasant. The park is small, but beautiful. Place Bab Khebaz is considered a local landmark in Sale.
Mosquée Sidi Ahmed Hajji

3) Mosquée Sidi Ahmed Hajji

Mosquée Sidi Ahmed Hajji is a mosque and a mausoleum and it is located in Sale’s Medina, near the Souk Al Kabir. The mosque was built by Moulay Ismail and the construction was finished by his son - Moulay Abdellah. The mosque was dedicated to Sidi Ahmed Hajji who contributed greatly to the development of Sale, which was built near his tomb.
Souk el Kebir

4) Souk el Kebir

Souk el Kebir is the most popular and visited market in Sale’s Medina. It is also called the central market. Here you can find beautiful local carpets and leather works. The market is also famous because slaves were traded here until 1912. The slaves came from across the Sahara.
The Salé Medersa

5) The Salé Medersa

The Sale Mederesa is located just next to the Sale Great Mosque. It was built by Sultan Abû El-Hassan in 1333 and it was designed for studies of Koran. The structure is very beautiful, in Moorish style, with an interior that has a fountain, exceptional decorations and an exclusive terrace that provides an outstanding view of Sale. The building is open for all visitors and it is open daily from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 14.30 to 18.00.
Salé Great Mosque

6) Salé Great Mosque (must see)

Salé Great Mosque is the most important mosque of the city. It was built back in the 12th century in Moorish style, but later in the 14th century it was renovated by Sultan Abou El-Hassan. The structure is very beautiful and it is open only to Muslims. The interior of the mosque is very beautiful, with columns and carpets. It is the most imposing structure of the city.
Sidi Abdellah Ben Hassoun Marabout

7) Sidi Abdellah Ben Hassoun Marabout

Sidi Abdellah Ben Hassoun Marabout is a very famous shrine dedicated to Sidi Abdellah Ben Hassoun, who is believed to be the saint of travelers. The structure was built in the 19th century and is located opposite Sale’s Great Mosque. It is a place of massive pilgrimage, especially during the Ashurâh festival, when people of Salé, dressed up in period costumes, visit the shrine and honour Sidi Abdellah Ben Hassoun.
Sidi Ben Achir Mosque

8) Sidi Ben Achir Mosque

Sidi Ben Achir Mosque is another shrine and place of pilgrimage for Moroccan people. Sidi Ben Achir lived in the 14th century and was believed to be a saint that helped cure people. He was also named “The doctor”. The mosque is not open to non-Muslims.

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