Religious Places Tour in Montevideo, Montevideo

Religious Places Tour in Montevideo, Montevideo
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Religion in Uruguay is separate from the state. More than sixty percent are Roman Catholics and the rest are members of different religious groups. Montevideo has beautiful churches that represent different confections and different architectural elements from the periods during which they were built. Take this tour to discover the beauty of religious sites in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Religious Places Tour in Montevideo Map

Guide Name: Religious Places Tour in Montevideo
Guide Location: Uruguay » Montevideo (See other walking tours in Montevideo)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 6.4 km
Author: jenny
Iglesia de San Francisco

1) Iglesia de San Francisco

The architect of the Iglesia de San Francisco is Victor Rabu. He proposed the project of four chapels between the buttresses with rose windows and classical facades. It is a Catholic church that was, at that time, the highest point in the city, due to the church...   view more
Metropolitan Cathedral

2) Metropolitan Cathedral (must see)

The Metropolitan Cathedral represents the main Catholic Church in Montevideo. It dates back to 1740 and is located in Ciudad Vieja. It was consacrated in 1804. It has two clocks located in the towers at 40 meters high. In this church, Pope Juan Pablo II sustained a mass and two pieces of furniture made especially for him; they remained as a symbol of his...   view more
Templo Ingles

3) Templo Ingles

By the 1840s, Samuel Fisher Lafone had the initiative to build the Templo Ingles in Montevideo, which was opened in the Cubo del Sur, opposite to where its replica stands today. The Anglican Church of Montevideo, whose foundation stone was laid on January 1, 1844, was the first Protestant church built in Latin America. The temple was demolished in 1934 due to the works of the South Esplanade, which erected a replica at the current location in...   view more
Cemeterio Central

4) Cemeterio Central

Central Cemeterio in Montevideo was opened in 1835. It represents a part of the history of the city. It has many important works of art such as sculptures and crosses. Many national heroes that have passed away are included in the history of the formation and development of the city and the country as a...   view more
Colegio de Sagrada Corazon Seminario

5) Colegio de Sagrada Corazon Seminario

Colegio de Sagrada Corazon Seminario was founded in 1880 next to the Iglesia de Sagrada Corazon. It has two functions, one as a Catholic school to secular students and another as a workshop. The college offers primary and secondary studies. It is open to this day since 2005 and has 1845 students. The rector of the college is Fr Alejandro Tilvet...   view more
Iglesia y Convento de los Capuchinos

6) Iglesia y Convento de los Capuchinos

Iglesia y Convento de los Capuchinos, Paroquia San Antonio y Santa Clara is open since 1961. It also has a college for students to learn. With time, the dimensions of the college were extended to include a museum, a gallery, a swimming pool and baths in addition to the learning rooms, the dormitory and the study...   view more
The Methodist Church in Uruguay

7) The Methodist Church in Uruguay

The Methodist Church in Uruguay was the first Methodist Church in Uruguay. It is a really nice building, with huge windows and a beautiful piano where talented brothers perform sacred and classical music. In 2003, the church celebrated several anniversaries, namely the 125th anniversary of the First National Church, the 120th anniversary of the Trinity Methodist Church and other anniversaries as well. The Methodist Church presents an interesting framework that can assist members of different...   view more
Sagrada Familia

8) Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia, also called The Holly Family College and High School, is one of the oldest colleges in Montevideo. It has as its goal to educate, evangelize and encourage the maturing process of children. It was founded in 1889. It has a church, museum, theater, laboratory, gallery and...   view more
Paroquia Nuestra Senora del Carmen

9) Paroquia Nuestra Senora del Carmen

The Basilica Nuestra Senora del Carmen is built in neoclassic style. The architect is Emilio Turin, but it bears influences from different styles and architects. The facade, altar and towers were changed or rebuilt. In 1885, the last modification was done. In 2005, the Montevideo Archbishop announced the beginning of the process of beatification and...   view more


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