Religious Sights Walking Tour, Savannah

Religious Sights Walking Tour, Savannah
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Remarkable and conspicuous Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Unitarian and Methodist Churches dot the cityscape of Savannah and are interesting places to visit. You you may even have the chance to take part in parish services that are held weekly. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful architecture of Savannah's religious buildings and the peace that a church service may provide you!

Religious Sights Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Religious Sights Walking Tour
Guide Location: USA » Savannah (See other walking tours in Savannah)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.8 km
Author: hollyg
First African Baptist Church

1) First African Baptist Church (must see)

The First African Baptist Church has the distinction of being descended from the first black Baptist congregation in North America, stemming from a church founded in 1773. A slave, George Leile, was the first black man to be ordained by Baptists to preach in Georgia. He originally preached to slaves on plantations in the area, until he fled to a British-controlled area of the colonies during the Revolutionary War to secure his freedom. He was joined by another man, Andrew Bryan, and his wife....   view more
Christ Church

2) Christ Church

Christ Church is one of Savannah's oldest churches. This Anglican Church calls itself the Mother Church of Georgia, and has been in existence since 1733. It was founded with the creation of Georgia as a colony, and its location was spelled out by General James Oglethorpe in his plan for Savannah. Originally, services took place in the settlement's courthouse.

One of the church's rectors, John Wesley, served for a year between 1736 and 1737. Though he wasn't with the church...   view more
Ascension Lutheran Church

3) Ascension Lutheran Church

Ascension congregation is one of the oldest in Savannah, dating back to 1741. The building itself wasn't completed until 1878, after a string of other temporary churches were built on the current church's lot. It is a combination of Norman and Gothic styles, designed by architect George B. Clarke in 1875.

During the Civil War, the church was turned into a temporary hospital for sick and injured Civil War soldiers. Pew cushions became beds, and the pews themselves were splintered...   view more
Independent Presbyterian Church

4) Independent Presbyterian Church

Savannah's Independent Presbyterian Church is called the mother church of all of Georgia's Presbyterians. The church, organized in 1755, was originally housed in a building on land granted by King George II. According to his plan, it would be a house of worship that followed the Doctrine of the Church of Scotland.

One of the church's original buildings was destroyed by fire in 1790, after being used as a magazine and stable by the British during the American Revolution. In...   view more
St. John's Episcopal Church

5) St. John's Episcopal Church

St. John's Episcopal Church was founded in 1841 in an attempt to increase the Episcopal presence in America. Its very first members were converts from the Anglican Christ Church, and its first rector was the notable Right Reverend Stephen Elliott.

The building itself was designed by architect Calvin Otis in a Neo Gothic style, and built between 1852 and 1853. It was created to have the look of a simple parish house, though it does have several very interesting features- a ships mast is...   view more
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

6) Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (must see)

In the early days of America, Roman Catholics were prohibited from settling in the South, out of fear that they would become more loyal to the Spanish southern colonies, and move away from the English northern colonies. As a result, Savannah had no Catholic church until the Revolution. The first Catholic church in Savannah was created in 1799, by French migrants from Haiti who were fleeing the French Revolution, and various local uprisings. In 1873, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was...   view more
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Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah

7) Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah

Savannah has a rich history of Catholic, Baptist, Episcopal, and Anglican worship, but, for many years, had no church that liberal worshipers could call home. When a group of New Englanders migrated to Savannah to pursue the cotton trade, they found themselves without a religious base. Pooling their resources, they petitioned the city for a lot upon which to build a new church- the Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah.

In 1834, the church itself was built and dedicated. Being a liberal...   view more
Beth Eden Baptist Church

8) Beth Eden Baptist Church

The Beth Eden Baptist Church was founded in 1895 under the authority of the Baptist Church of Savannah, Georgia. The name of the church can be translated as "The House of Eden" or simply the "Paradise House." Today this beautiful edifice will delight you with its fascinating history and captivating...   view more
Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church

9) Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church

Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church has the distinction of being Savannah's first Methodist church. It was originally established in 1807, and situated at the corner of Lincoln and Oglethorpe until members of the congregation purchased a new space for it on Telfair square. Here, they built Trinity church. When Wesley Chapel closed, the two congregations combined into Trinity Church.

As the congregation grew, they made plans for a new building. They completed the first phase of...   view more


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