Rialto Brige Area Walking Tour, Venice

Rialto Brige Area Walking Tour, Venice
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The area is first mentioned in sources dating back to the 9th century. The Rialto was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1514. The only structure left standing was the church of San Giacomo di Rialto. The Rialto continues to be a busy shopping area with a daily vegetable market, Erberia, and a fish market in the Fish Camp.

Rialto Brige Area Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Rialto Brige Area Walking Tour
Guide Location: Italy » Venice (See other walking tours in Venice)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 13
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.9 km
Author: naomi
Emilio Ceccato

1) Emilio Ceccato

What to buy here: A gondolier's hat. When walking through Venice, you will consider that most of the guys driving the gondolas across the water (the so-called „gondolieri“) are wearing hats. And they're wearing a specific type of hat. These hats are made of straw, previous to air and keeping ones head cool when the temperatures go up. It's also very comfortable to wear and the broad brim protects one from the sun. A bow (mostly in black, blue or red color) adds a beautiful...   view more
Rialto Food Market

2) Rialto Food Market

The Rialto Food Market displays and sells a wide variety of products. The market is divided into several specialized markets like Erberia, the fruit and vegetable market, Naranzeria, the citrus fruit market, Speziali, specialized in spices, and Pescaria, the fish market. The markets have been located alongside the Grand Canal since...   view more
Mercatino dell'Antiquariato di Rialto

3) Mercatino dell'Antiquariato di Rialto

Mercatino dell'Antiquariato di Rialto takes place every second Monday and Sunday of the month, inside the Pescheria di Rialto - Rialto Fish Market, Venetian district of San Polo. Offering a vast range of antique and vintage merchandise, the market if full of anything from Murano glass, mirrors, furniture, and paintings, to dolls, vintage watches, prints and various memorabilia. The market features a large number of vendors with equally interesting offers.

Operation Hours: every second...   view more
Chiesa San Giovanni Elemosinario

4) Chiesa San Giovanni Elemosinario

Chiesa San Giovanni Elemosinario was founded in 1071 and then rebuilt by Antonio Scarpagnino after the Rialto fire. It is the most interesting example of Gothic architecture that has remained comparatively intact in Venice. This small church has, on its high altar, a painting of the titular saint, San Giovanni, by Titian. In the left aisle there is a fragment of a bas-relief dating from the Middle Ages, representing the Night of the Birth of...   view more
Sight description based on wikipedia

5) Bancogiro

Bancogiro is a chance to taste real Venetian standard food in its best traditions. Yes, fish is on the menu, and some of the dishes are Venice classics. The wine list here and cheese plate are both divine. The terrace is open in warm weather so you can get a nice view upon the...   view more
Chiesa San Giacomo di Rialto

6) Chiesa San Giacomo di Rialto

San Giacomo di Rialto is a church in the sestiere of San Polo, Venice, northern Italy. The addition of Rialto to the name distinguishes this church from its namesake San Giacomo dall'Orio found in the sestiere of Santa Croce, on the same side of the Grand Canal. Chiesa San Giacomo di Rialto is thought to be the oldest church in Venice, firstly built in the 5th century at the time of the first settlement of the island. The present building was erected for the use of the merchants of the...   view more
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Palazzo dei Camerlenghi

7) Palazzo dei Camerlenghi

Palazzo dei Camerlenghi was built in the early 1500s. In the period which saw the fall of the Venetian Republic, this building housed the Court of Appeals, the Office of the State Property and the Registry. Today it contains the offices of the financial magistrates, and is the headquarters of the Regional Court of Auditors. The palace is built according to a pentagonal plan which follows the curve of the Grand Canal. It features high arched windows separated by...   view more
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Rialto Bridge

8) Rialto Bridge (must see)

The Rialto Bridge is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice. It is the oldest bridge across the canal. The first dry crossing of the Grand Canal was a pontoon bridge built in 1181 by Nicolò Barattieri. It was called the Ponte della Moneta, presumably because of the mint that stood near its eastern entrance. The present stone bridge, a single span designed by Antonio da Ponte, was finally completed in 1591. It is remarkably similar to the wooden bridge it succeeded. Two...   view more
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Fondaco dei Tedeschi

9) Fondaco dei Tedeschi (must see)

The Fondaco dei Tedeschi is a historic building in Venice, northern Italy, situated on the Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge. It was the headquarters and restricted living quarters of the city's German merchants. A broad definition was taken of the term German which included what would today be regarded as separate nationalities. First constructed in 1228, the building was rebuilt between 1505 and 1508, after its destruction in a fire. The reconstruction produced a very functional 4-floor...   view more
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Chiesa San Bartolomeo

10) Chiesa San Bartolomeo

San Bartolomeo (Saint Bartholomew) is a church in Venice. It is near the Rialto Bridge in the sestiere, or neighborhood, of San Marco. The church was supposedly founded in 830, and was originally dedicated to Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki. It was renovated in 1170, and became the church of the German community in Venice, whose commercial headquarters were nearby at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi. The church was rebuilt again in the 18th century. The bell tower was built in 1747-1754 based on designs...   view more
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Carlo Goldoni Statue

11) Carlo Goldoni Statue (must see)

Carlo Goldoni was born in Venice in 1707 in the Gothic palace called Ca' Centanni. Carlo Goldini is one of the most famous playwrights of Italy and wrote over 200 plays describing the life of the city. This statue, made by the sculptor A. Dal Zotto in 1883, is located in S. Bartolomeo Square, a stone's throw from the Rialto...   view more
Giacomo Rizzo

12) Giacomo Rizzo

What to buy here: Pasta.

Pasta is (who does not know) the most popular food in Italy. There are dozens of shapes and sizes of it: Lasagna, Penne, Spaghetti, Tortellini and, and and... Pasta is so famous and popular in Italy that, by the way, in Rome you can visit a pasta-museum. In Venice, there is a shop who's owner and his family have been in the pasta business, producing pasta by hand for over one hundred years. There you can even buy colored pasta. Green or red because the dough is...   view more
Giovanna Zanella

13) Giovanna Zanella

What to buy here: Handmade designer shoes. Shoes made in Italy mean elegance, fine leather and a perfect manufacturing. Could something be better than this? The answer is: yes – handmade Italian shoes. It really is a wonderful feeling wearing shoes that were handmade just for you. But it is not only the feeling – handmade Italian shoes are something really noble and worth the money. The 'lifetime' of such handmade shoes is also much longer than of the mass produced ones, you can...   view more


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