Ruwi District Walking Tour (Self Guided), Muscat

Ruwi is a commercial hub and the main business area of Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. Among the key attractions here is a variety of multi-confessional religious buildings, an interesting and informative National Museum, and a beautiful Clock Tower and Park. Take the following tour to discover this wonderful part of Muscat.
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Ruwi District Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Ruwi District Walking Tour
Guide Location: Oman » Muscat (See other walking tours in Muscat)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.3 Km or 2.7 Miles
Author: leticia
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Krishna Temple
  • St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church
  • Mumtaz Area Masjid
  • Sultan Qaboos Mosque
  • Clock Tower in Sultan Qaboos University
  • Imam Bukhari Mosque
Krishna Temple

1) Krishna Temple

Muscat is home to different religious buildings, including some Hindu temples. One of them is Ruwi’s Krishna Temple, located near St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church. The Temple is frequented by the local Indians who come here daily to worship and meditate.
St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church

2) St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Church

Muscat is also home to a Catholic church, located in Ruwi, close to the Ministry of Sports. This beautiful Catholic church is dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul and was consecrated by Simon Cardinal Lourduswamy on 4th November 1977.
Mumtaz Area Masjid

3) Mumtaz Area Masjid

Mumtaz Area Masjid or Mumtaz Area Mosque is located in Ruwi alongside several churches and Hindu temples. The mosque represents a small fine building and a lovely place of worship for many. A lot of famous of Indian restaurants can be found here. Those who love spicy food will love this place.
Sultan Qaboos Mosque

4) Sultan Qaboos Mosque (must see)

Standing out among other religious buildings in Ruwi is the magnificent Sultan Qaboos Mosque. Located behind Badr AL Sama Poly Clinic, the mosque represents a spacious and beautiful piece of architecture with a graceful minaret. The first Sultan Qaboos Mosque was built in the early 1970s.
Clock Tower in Sultan Qaboos University

5) Clock Tower in Sultan Qaboos University

One of Ruwi’s prominent landmarks is its beautiful clock tower. Located very close to the National Bank of Oman, this fine construction has Omani frescoes and a small park surrounding it -- a great playground for kids.
Imam Bukhari Mosque

6) Imam Bukhari Mosque

Muscat’s Wadi Kabir district will surprise you with another beautiful Omani mosque, called the Imam Bukhari Mosque. The mosque is a gorgeous religious building with two high minarets -- a perfect example of Islamic architecture.

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