Self-Guided Churches Tour of The Hague, Hague

On this tour, you will find a mix of churches, both inside and outside the heart of The Hague. With a mission to guide the religious community of The Hague through its relationship with Jesus, local churches place great importance on worship and living in God's presence. Take this tour to visit churches that are popular with both locals and tourists.
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Self-Guided Churches Tour of The Hague Map

Guide Name: Self-Guided Churches Tour of The Hague
Guide Location: Netherlands » Hague (See other walking tours in Hague)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.8 km
Author: valery
Nieuwe Kerk

1) Nieuwe Kerk

Nieuwe Kerk is a highly unique Protestant church of the 17th century design. While the majority of Protestant churches at the time preferred a rounded floor plan, architect Pieter Noorwits designed two hexagonal areas, acting in accordance with the Protestant principle of centralization. Building of Nieuwe Kerk began in 1648 at the time of Protestant conquest in The Netherlands, and it was finished just a year...   view more
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Evangelical Lutheran Church

2) Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Evangelical Lutheran Church is located on what was once a bomb cover. In 1751, the Lutheran parish decided to construct a larger church on the place where the bomb cover had been situated since 1615. The architect Pieter de Swart prepared a design for the front of the church. He worked with an architect from Amsterdam, who designed the interior. Construction began in 1758 and on December 13, 1761, the building was...   view more
Grote Kerk

3) Grote Kerk (must see)

Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk is a landmark Protestant church. The building is located on the Torenstraat, named for its high tower. Together with the Binnenhof, it is one of the oldest buildings in the Hague. Members of the House of Orange-Nassau have been baptized there. The Grote Kerk (15th and 16th centuries) has a fine vaulted interior, and contains some old stained glass, a carved wooden pulpit, a large organ and interesting sepulchral monuments, and some escutcheons of the knights of the...   view more
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St. Theresia of Avila

4) St. Theresia of Avila

St. Theresia of Avila was built in 1839 in Neoclassic style. It is a handsome old church with a huge entryway. The entrance was built before the church itself, most likely in the 17th century. After the 80 Years War finished in 1648, the Republic showed little tolerance toward Catholics, but construction of the church was allowed for financial...   view more
Old Catholic Church

5) Old Catholic Church

The Old Catholic Church houses a religious sect which owes its survival to a split in the Roman Catholic Church in 1702. The church has a Baroque interior and was in all probability designed by a French-Protestant immigrant and significant architect during that period. During the Reformation, Catholicism was forbidden, but things changed after the French King Louis XIV attacked the Republic in 1672 and held the area until 1674. Catholics paid enormous sums of money to be allowed to meet in...   view more
Walloon Church

6) Walloon Church

The Walloon Church in The Hague is constructed in the very modest Neoclassical style, but it is the biggest church in Holland. Its construction was arranged and controlled by King Lodewijk Napoleon in 1807 as a recompense for granting the chapel of the Walloon Protests to the Catholics. This church was attended by prominent citizens of The Hague. Since the foundation, The Walloon Church has enjoyed support from the Gallicise court and the Dutch...   view more
Stichting Cantatediensten Kloosterkerk

7) Stichting Cantatediensten Kloosterkerk

The history of Kloosterkerk begins around 1400. In 1393, the land where the present church is located was given to the Amsterdam St. Andrew Monastery, which sold the land in 1394. At that time, there were several castles in the area, yet by the end of the fourteenth century all of them had been demolished. In 1420, the church suffered a major fire. The government of Holland for many decades had kept their documents in the church. Back in the 15th century it was significantly smaller than today....   view more
Mennonite Church

8) Mennonite Church

The Mennonite Church is one of a small number of Neo-Romanesque churches in The Hague. It was constructed by the Mennonites in 1885-1886 as a reaction to the ornate Neo-Gothic style. K. Stoffels designed the church, which is distinguished by its wonderful triangular section of wall that has a rose window in the center of...   view more

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City Orientation Walk

The Hague, the third largest city in the Netherlands, although not officially a Dutch capital, does accommodate the Dutch parliament, sitting at Binnenhof (Gothic-style “Inner Court” complex); the supreme court; all the ministries; embassies; and other governmental agencies of Holland. Moreover, the Dutch Queen herself opts to operate from her Hague's “working residence”, 16th-century Noordeinde Palace. To explore the Hague's most notable attractions, follow this orientation walk.

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