Shopping in Hue, Hue

Shopping in Hue (Self Guided), Hue

Hue attracts tourists with its architectural landmarks, but it also offers an unforgettable shopping experience. Shopping in this wonderful city is an excellent opportunity to get closer to the Vietnamese culture and its traditions. In Hue you will find a great variety of local crafts and souvenirs that should be on your shopping list. Take the following walking tour to visit the most popular markets and shopping streets in Hue.
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Shopping in Hue Map

Guide Name: Shopping in Hue
Guide Location: Vietnam » Hue (See other walking tours in Hue)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 6
Tour Duration: 2 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.8 Km or 3 Miles
Author: nataly
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Chu Văn An (Chu Van An Street)
  • Lê Lợi (Le Loi Street)
  • Trần Hưng Đạo (Tran Hung Dao Street)
  • Đông Ba (Dong Ba Market)
  • Mai Thúc Loan (Mai Thuc Loan Street)
  • Tây Lộc (Tay Loc Market)
Chu Văn An (Chu Van An Street)

1) Chu Văn An (Chu Van An Street)

Chu Van An Street lies in the east part of Hue City, from the Tu Do Stadium until the Perfume River. On both sides of the street are situated shops and stores that offer fashionable jewelry, clothes, shoes and accessories. You'll also find a great selection of local crafts and artwork signed by local artists. The Chu Van An Street is famous for many silk paintings of high quality, which can be found in numerous specialized shops situated on this street.
Lê Lợi (Le Loi Street)

2) Lê Lợi (Le Loi Street)

Le Loi Street lies along the Perfume River’s shore and it starts from a bridge and ends at the other. A walk on this street will allow you to admire the river while you are shopping. Here are situated many souvenir shops, bookstores and art galleries, and you’ll also find a great number of restaurants and bars. You’ll be fascinated by the wooden miniatures, painted silk, fantastic reproductions made by talented local artists as you get closer to the culture of this enigmatic country.
Trần Hưng Đạo (Tran Hung Dao Street)

3) Trần Hưng Đạo (Tran Hung Dao Street)

After passing the Trang Tien bridge from the Le Roi street, you’ll reach the Tran Hung Dao Street that lies along the Perfume River, on the south part of Hue Citadel. This shopping street is famous for the great variety of conical Vietnamese hats - Nón lá - that every tourist must have. Besides numerous shops and bars, here you’ll see many stall vendors with fruits and souvenirs. Don’t forget rule number one in Vietnam’s shopping: bargain!
Đông Ba (Dong Ba Market)

4) Đông Ba (Dong Ba Market) (must see)

Dong Ba Market is a famous landmark and is located in Citadel Hue. It is a great place to see the everyday life of local people, as well to purchase everything you’d think of. Dong Ba Market is the oldest market in Hue - it was built in 1885 and is also the largest food market in the city. Here you can try exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as many local delicacies. The market offers a great range of souvenirs and crafts.
Mai Thúc Loan (Mai Thuc Loan Street)

5) Mai Thúc Loan (Mai Thuc Loan Street)

Mai Thuc Loan Street is a very popular shopping street that lies in the east side of the Citadel, from the Imperial City until the Dong Ba Canal. It is the place where many talented artists come to sell their works. Here you’ll find great reproductions of famous Vietnamese artists, but also on Mai Thuc Loan Street are situated many galleries where you can get acquainted with the works of local artists. This “cultural” street will get you closer to traditional Vietnamese art and crafts.
Tây Lộc (Tay Loc Market)

6) Tây Lộc (Tay Loc Market)

Tay Loc Market is situated in the northwest part of the Citadel Hue, near the Tay Loc Church. This market is mostly for the local population but tourists are also extremely welcome here. Tay Loc Market is the second largest food markets after Dong Ba Market and here you can find everything as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables, colorful national garments and conical hats, wooden miniatures and handmade jewelry and many other authentic objects made by local talented and hardworking people are available for purchase.

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