Southern Trondheim Walking Tour (Self Guided), Trondheim

Southern part of Trondheim houses many interesting attractions, including old Elgeseter Bridge, green Marinen, the mysterious Nidaros Cathedral Cemetery, the modern New Town Hall, Thomas Angell's Hus, the unique Municipal Bicycle Lift, and the outstanding Kristiansten Fortress. Check out the most popular attractions in the southern part of Trondheim in the next walking tour!
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Southern Trondheim Walking Tour Map

Guide Name: Southern Trondheim Walking Tour
Guide Location: Norway » Trondheim (See other walking tours in Trondheim)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.4 Km or 0.9 Miles
Author: leticia
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Elgeseter Bridge
  • Marinen
  • Nidaros Cathedral Cemetery
  • Rådhus (New Town Hall)
  • Thomas Angell's Hus
  • Sykkelheis (Municipal Bicycle Lift)
  • Kristiansten Fortress
Elgeseter Bridge

1) Elgeseter Bridge

Elgeseter Bridge (in Norwegian Elgeseter bru) is on European route E6 which passes over the Nidelva river and connects Prinsens street in the center of Trondheim (a city and municipality in the county of Sør-Trøndelag, Norway) with Elgeseter street at Elgeseter in the south. Trondheim city council decided on March 17, 1949 that the bridge should be built. Elgeseter bridge was opened in 1951 after a construction period of 2 years. The main entryway into Trondheim for hundreds of years has been at Elgeseter; the first bridge here is mentioned in 1178. It was on this bridge that the battle between the birkebeiners and the baglers took place in 1199.
Sight description based on wikipedia

2) Marinen

Marinen is a nice public park, located behind the Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace on the banks of the river Nid. It is a large green area which is popular with both the young and the old, a great place for recreation, play activities and sunbathing on hot summer days.
Nidaros Cathedral Cemetery

3) Nidaros Cathedral Cemetery (must see)

The Cathedral Cemetery walk is not for everyone, but it merits a visit, the cemetery has many beautifully sculptured gravestones and monuments. Take a walk in the silent green grounds, where the most prominent of Trondheim’s people are buried, and you could have a spiritual experience.
Rådhus (New Town Hall)

4) Rådhus (New Town Hall)

Rådhus or New Town Hall represents a contemporary, fashionable, fortress-like establishment. Here, almost all of Trondheim's day-to-day administrative duties are handled. New Town Hall is not open to the public, however it is worth a look.
Thomas Angell's Hus

5) Thomas Angell's Hus

Thomas Angell's Hus was founded in 1770 and was a retirement home for poor widows. The baroque building was extensively renovated in accordance with its original design in 1903. In the building's courtyard you will find a pleasant and beautiful garden.
Sykkelheis (Municipal Bicycle Lift)

6) Sykkelheis (Municipal Bicycle Lift) (must see)

Trondheim is home to the world's only bicycle lift. Sykkelheis was built by the local civic government. This mechanized conveyor belt hauls bicycles, with their riders, up a steeply inclined stretch of a picturesque bike pathway.
Kristiansten Fortress

7) Kristiansten Fortress (must see)

Kristiansten Fortress (old spelling Christiansten Fortress, Kristiansten Festning in Norwegian) is located on a hill east of Trondheim, Norway. It was built after the city fire of Trondheim in 1681 to protect the city against attack from the east. Its construction was finished in 1685. It fulfilled its purpose in 1718 when Swedish forces laid siege to Trondheim. The fortress was decommissioned in 1816 by king Charles John. The main building featured in the picture is the defensive tower - Donjonen - with artillery, quartering and stores. After decommissioning in 1816 it became the location of the fire service. It has been a museum since 1997.
Sight description based on wikipedia

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