Souvenir Shopping Part 2 (Self Guided), Buenos Aires

It would be a pity to leave Buenos Aires without having explored its specialty shops and bringing home something truly original. We've compiled a list of gifts and souvenirs, which are unique to Buenos Aires, that a visitor might like to purchase to reflect their visit.
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Souvenir Shopping Part 2 Map

Guide Name: Souvenir Shopping Part 2
Guide Location: Argentina » Buenos Aires (See other walking tours in Buenos Aires)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 4 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 9.1 Km or 5.7 Miles
Author: Daniel
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Ligiers
  • Arandu
  • Comme Il Faut
  • Rossi & Caruso
  • La Martina
  • Calma Chicha
  • La Casa de las Botas

1) Ligiers

What to buy here: Fernet.

For those who prefer hard liquor to the grape, Argentina has harbored a love for Fernet, a bitter, aromatic spirit, since the 1800s. The syrupy drink’s original purpose was to cleanse the system after a heavy meal or rid the body of contaminants in the water and even today Fernet is touted for its medicinal benefits and is believed to alleviate stomach pains and hangovers due to its herbal contents. It’s made from around 40 to 50 different herbs and spices such as myrrh, chamomile, cardamom and saffron and characterized by a medicinal, earthy taste (not dissimilar to mouth wash). The Argentines most commonly like to mix it with Coca Cola (and a few cubes of ice) or have it as a digestif on the rocks, but it goes well with soda water too.

For a long time the Italian brand Fernet Branca was the most popular Fernet on the market but the Argentine brand 1882 has recently emerged and attracted a strong following of Fernet drinkers. Price: A 750cc bottle of Fernet 1882 is ARS $36

Ligiers, Tte. Gral. J. D.Peron 1621, Centro, 5353 8075,; Business hours: Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 8pm, Saturdays, 10am to 1pm.

2) Arandu

What to buy here: Mate set.

Mate is the Argentine equivalent of tea and an integral part of the culture. In fact, the city’s “porteños” (locals) don’t go anywhere without their mate kit, which comprises of a special mate cup or matecito (traditionally a hollowed out gourd), a bombilla (metal straw flattened at one end and perforated at the other), a flask of hot water and a bag of herby yerba leaves that come from an evergreen tree. Drinking mate is a very sociable custom and comes with its own set of rules. To make the mate brew, you have to fill the matecito half full with yerba leaves and slowly add very hot (but not boiling) water from a flask. The cup is passed around a group of people in a clockwise order. Each drinker sips the mate through the bombilla before handing it back to the mate maker to be refilled. It’s either drunk “amagro” (bitter) or dulce (sweetened with sugar).

This artisanal Mate tea set from Arandu is made from gourd and alpaca silver and includes a mate cup and bombilla and matching yerba leaf and sugar containers. You can buy a bag of yerba tea leaves in any local supermarket.

Price: around AR$ 490.

Arandu, Paraguay 1259, Barrio Norte, 4816 3689,, Business hours: Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 8.30pm, Saturday, 9.30am to 1.30pm
Comme Il Faut

3) Comme Il Faut

What to buy here: Tango shoes.

As any professional tanguera will tell you, you can’t dance tango well without a good pair of tango heels – something that combines comfort and durable soles with elegance and a heavy dose of sparkle. And nowhere does them better than the birthplace of tango itself, Buenos Aires.

Numerous tango shoe designers have appeared on the scene in the last few years catering to the younger, hip crowd of tango dancers but one of the best in town is Comme Il Faut, founded by shoe and tango devotee Alicia Muñiz. The local brand’s elegant yet comfortable shoes, designed for dancers by dancers, appeal to both professional tango dancers and women seeking an eye-catching one-of-a-kind pair of evening shoes. Their exotic limited edition designs are colorful and incorporate high quality leather and other textured materials and come in a range of sizes. Price: available on request.

Comme Il Faut, Arenales 1239, Door 3, Apartment M, Rues des Artisans, Recoleta, 4815 5690,; Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 11am to 7pm / Saturdays, 11am to 3pm.
Rossi & Caruso

4) Rossi & Caruso

What to buy here: Leather jacket.

A classic leather jacket never goes out of fashion and is a good solid style investment. In Buenos Aires, there are leather jackets to suit every taste imaginable but the quality and tailoring of the jackets varies depending on where you go so be sure to shop around.

For some of the best leather products in town, try family-run Rossi & Caruso, in business since 1862. Their products are distinguished by top quality workmanship and attention to detail. In particular, their leather jackets and vests, for men and women, come in a range of classic cuts and colors and are crafted from top notch leather that’s beautifully soft to the touch. Price: Women’s leather jackets start at around $1,400.

Rossi & Caruso, Posadas 1387 / 1379, Recoleta, 4811 1965,; Business Hours: daily 9.30am to 8pm.
La Martina

5) La Martina

What to buy here: Polo shirt.

Preppy polo fashion is popular in Argentina on and off the pitch. Whether you’re after a polo shirt as sported by Argentina’s national team for a budding polo fan or something more fashionable to wear on the weekends, head to La Martina, the country’s luxury polo brand and official sponsors to the polo team. The luxury polo and sportswear brand, which has boutiques in numerous locations across the city, offers a collection of fetching polo shirts in a range of styles that strike a balance between sporty and stylish and come in a palette of colors to match the season.

Price: available on request.

La Martina, Avenida Presidente Quintana 545, Recoleta, 4804 1550,; Business Hours: Monday to Saturdays, 10am to 8pm.
Calma Chicha

6) Calma Chicha

What to buy here: Cowhide rug.

Not only does Argentine cowhide make nice bags and jackets, it also makes for very stylish rugs which are another popular souvenir item in Buenos Aires. The soft, silky hides come in different colors and markings, from black and white splodges to speckled browns and stripes, depending on the breed of cow. The most common come from Holando, Hereford and Charolais cows.

Funky homeware store Calma Chicha in the Palermo neighborhood sells a large collection of cowhide rugs that come in three sizes (small, medium and large). The small and medium sizes are easy to roll up and transport home. There are short haired rugs available during the summer and longer-haired rugs in the winter. Price: from ARS $990 to ARS $1,190 depending on the size.

Calma Chicha, Honduras 4909, Palermo Soho, 4831 1818,;

Business Hours: Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 8pm / Saturday, 10am to 1pm / Sunday, 1pm to 7pm
La Casa de las Botas

7) La Casa de las Botas

What to buy here: Polo boots.

Argentina is fanatical about two sports, football and polo. The latter attracts well-heeled crowds to Buenos Aires every year for the annual Championships when some of the world’s most prestigious polo players descend on the city to play. The city is also the place to get all your polo accessories, in particular a smart pair of custom-made leather polo boots.

Dating back to 1946, La Casa de las Botas is the most prestigious leather boot house in the city and has served an impressive roster of clients, from polo players to Royalty and celebrities. As well as polo boots that can be customized for the sport or everyday wear, you can choose from equestrian style boots and ankle-length country styles in a range of cow and buffalo hides. Since the boots are in high demand, a pair of custom-made boots takes around 30 days but they will deliver to you via Fedex anywhere in the world. There is also a limited selection of boots available to buy in the shop. Price: A custom-made pair of boots will cost between 1,000 pesos to 1,750 depending on the style you choose.

La Casa de las Botas, Paraguay 5062, Palermo Hollywood, 4776 0762,; Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 8pm, Saturdays, 10am to 1pm.

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