The Titanic Walking Tour, Montreal (Self Guided), Montreal

Thanks to James Cameron's blockbuster movie, "Titanic", people from all over the world are aware of the luxury liner that sank on its maiden voyage in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912. However, not everyone knows that Montreal has a significant number of Titanic-related sites. Take this walking tour to discover the main Montreal sights related to the famous Titanic.
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The Titanic Walking Tour, Montreal Map

Guide Name: The Titanic Walking Tour, Montreal
Guide Location: Canada » Montreal (See other walking tours in Montreal)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 3 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 7.9 Km or 4.9 Miles
Author: doris
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Union Française
  • Allan Building
  • Gérald Godin Building
  • Molson Bank
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Mount Royal Cemetery
Union Française

1) Union Française

On the site of Union Française can be seen the famous bronze statue of Marianne. This sculpture is the work of Paul Romain Chevré, who survived the Titanic tragedy. The sculptor was on his way to attend the unveiling of another of his statues in the lobby of the Château Laurier in Ottawa when the ship sank.
Allan Building

2) Allan Building

James Cameron’s super hit movie Titanic was successful in bringing focus and attention to the sites associated with the luxury liner that had tragically sunk on its maiden voyage. Many are not aware that the city of Montreal has numerous Titanic related sites. Allan Building is one of them.

This building was constructed in 1858. It was the headquarters of Allan shipping empire. One of Allan shipping empire’s vessels reached the survivors of Titanic after its collision with an iceberg in the North Atlantic. Virginian, a steamship belonging to the Allan Company, first picked up the distress signal from Titanic and passed on the information to The Gazette’s marine reporter.

Allan Building is a must visit destination for those who are interested in touring Titanic related sites. Now, this building is an information and tourism center.

At one of the pillars, at the entrance of Allan buildings, you can find a mark. Water reached this level during the great flood of 1886. The building also houses a block that serves as the Montreal Harbour Commission. Recently, a residential complex has also found a place on the premises.

This attractive edifice certainly rekindles memories related to the Titanic tragedy.
Gérald Godin Building

3) Gérald Godin Building

The Gérald Godin Building was originally built by Charles Hays, president of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad. He was one of the Titanic passengers. Charles Hays owned an office in this building, and he was returning to Canada with his wife, daughter, and son-in-law.
Molson Bank

4) Molson Bank

The Molson Bank was founded by William Molson in Montreal in 1853. Located in St. Jacques Street, this building is constructed in the second Empire architectural style. Molson Bank is an important Titanic related site. Harry Markland Molson, founder of this bank, was one of the passengers who died in the Titanic disaster. Molson was last seen on board, removing his shoes and getting ready to swim. His body was never recovered.

The blockbuster movie Titanic has kindled interest in people prompting them to get attracted to anything associated with the luxury ship that met its tragic end in the North Atlantic. If you are interested in Titanic related sites, do not miss a visit to Molson Bank in Montreal which is frequented by thousands of tourists every year.

This bank is considered to be important not only for the touching story associated with it, but also for its architectural beauty. The architecture of the building reflects the bank’s stable and noble image.

Be sure to visit Molson Bank to relive those sad Titanic moments and also to enjoy the unique architectural style. A visit to this bank is certain to be a memorable one.
Sight description based on wikipedia
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building

5) Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce building in Montreal is a skyscraper with 45 stories. Also known as the CIBC Tower, this building is 187 meters high and was the tallest building in the entire Commonwealth of Nations between 1962 and 1963, after which the distinction was passed on to Place Ville-Marie. CIBC Tower was constructed by Ross, Peter Dickinson, Duschenes, Fish and Barrett to house many commercial establishments including the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Miller Thomson and Stikeman Elliott, the corporate law firms.

This building is opposite Sun Life Building, close to Dorchester Square. As you approach this building, the first thing you will notice is its slender shape. This is evident in the 1400 square meter gross floor area per level.

This international style tower has an impressive facade that is much more ornamental than other similar commercial buildings. You will be impressed by the glass strip curtain wall that alternates exquisitely with the green slate and other types of stones. Renovation of this building took place in 1991 and the CIBC logo, that finds a place at the top of it, was redesigned in 2004.

Tourists visiting Montreal definitely make the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce building a part of their itinerary.
Sight description based on wikipedia
Christ Church Cathedral

6) Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral, built in 1859, is a classic example of neo-Gothic architecture, designed by British architect Frank Wills. The original Christ Church in old Montreal was established in 1814, but was destroyed by fire in 1856. The present church is located at the heart of Montreal’s commercial area. This is the only cathedral that has re-invented itself as per modern day settings with its impressive shopping mall below. To the north of the church, there is a 34 floor skyscraper. Other prominent buildings in proximity include the McGill University and KPMG building.

The last decade has witnessed a lot of important restoration and renovation work on the area costing millions of dollars. This has been made possible by the generous infrastructure grants and support from the federal government as well as the Quebec religious heritage foundation. The government declared Christ Church Cathedral a historic monument and a National historic site of Canada in 1999.

The prominent features of the cathedral include a choir gallery, a square shaped crossing tower, music practice rooms, Cathedral’s Sunday school and a drop-in center.

On your trip to Montreal, enjoy a visit to this impressive cathedral that stands as a testimony to the great Christian art of ancient times.
Sight description based on wikipedia
Museum of Fine Arts

7) Museum of Fine Arts (must see)

Located in Montreal, this museum has an extensive range of encyclopedic collection. The museum displays unique exhibition designs through its temporary exhibitions in fields such as film, music, fine arts, design, and fashion.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is the oldest art museum in Canada and was founded in 1860. James Ross, a businessman, through his large donation, facilitated the movement of this museum in 1912 to its present location at Sherbrooke Street’s mile-long historic Golden Square.

You will find this museum divided into three pavilions. The Beaux Arts building, now named as the Reneta Hornstein and Michal Pavilion was designed by Edward Maxwell and his brother William Sutherland Maxwell. This pavilion especially features artworks from Quebec history.

Across the street, you will find the Jean-Noel Desmarais modernist pavilion constructed in 1991 based on Moshe Safdie’s design. Here you will find an extensive collection of exquisite artworks from around the world. The third pavilion is the Liliane and David M. Stewart Pavilion.

The Hornstein and Desmarais Pavilions together have a collection of over 30,000 pieces of artworks.

Why You Should Visit:
If you're happy to discover artists you are not already familiar with or to stop and spend time with at least one masterpiece, this place is a good choice for you.
The masterpiece is the museum's Rembrandt – perhaps the best, most loving portrait of a female you will see by Rembrandt.
The Inuit & African exhibitions are well worth seeing, too!

The new Peace Pavilion, which houses European art, has a very special room on the main floor where the walls are alive with trees swaying in the wind, bird calls, and even a rabbit or two hopping by if you sit still long enough.
Also, check the special exhibitions which are often not to be missed!

Opening Hours:
Tue, Thu-Sun: 10am-5pm; Wed: 10am-9pm
Sight description based on wikipedia
Mount Royal Cemetery

8) Mount Royal Cemetery

Mount Royal Cemetery is one of the important attractions in Montreal. Located on the north face of Mount Royal, this cemetery was inaugurated in 1852. The cemetery is visited by thousands of tourists every year. The old river beds, vistas, wild life and strange, yet wonderful gravestones create a unique ambiance.

Mount Royal Cemetery has connections with the luxury liner Titanic that sunk on its maiden voyage. Here, you can find graves of some of the passengers who died in the tragedy. Charley Hays, his wife Clara, daughter Orian and Joseph J. Fynney are some of the Titanic victims commemorated here. You can also find memorial stones of Henry Markland Molson and Thornton Davidson in the Mount Royal Cemetery. Their bodies, however, were never recovered. The gravestones, memorial stones and the calm atmosphere make this cemetery a prominent tourist attraction.

The serene setting is enhanced by a huge variety of trees at Mount Royal Cemetery. Among them you can find 200-year old oaks, pine, maples and hickories. Enjoy great peace of mind as you stroll leisurely through the slope. The walkways, wooded trails, gravestones and century old trees make Mount Royal cemetery an interesting spot to explore on your trip to Montreal.
Sight description based on wikipedia

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