Top Religious Sites in Bregenz (Self Guided), Bregenz

Bregenz is home to many churches and other religious buildings which have played a crucial role in the city’s history. Today, its historic convents and chapels form a picturesque scene along its streets. Take the following tour to discover Bregenz’s most majestic religious architecture.
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Top Religious Sites in Bregenz Map

Guide Name: Top Religious Sites in Bregenz
Guide Location: Austria » Bregenz (See other walking tours in Bregenz)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 11
Tour Duration: 3 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 6.1 Km or 3.8 Miles
Author: Sandra
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • St. Nepomuk Chapel
  • Seekapelle St. George
  • Sacred Heart Parish Church
  • Capuchin Monastery
  • Church of St. Gallus
  • Marienberg Convent
  • Siechenkapelle
  • St. Kolumban Parish Church
  • Riedenburg Convent
  • Maria Hilf Parish Church
  • St. Gebhard Parish Church
St. Nepomuk Chapel

1) St. Nepomuk Chapel (must see)

The Rococo St. Nepomuk Chapel, devoted to St. John of Nepomuk, patron saint of those in peril at sea, is a small rotunda crowned with a dome cupola. Erected in 1757, from 1995 to 1997 it was completely refurbished. Inside you will see an ornate altar, miraculous works of plaster and vivid frescoes. Nowadays it serves as the Hungarian Church, with room for a congregation of about 30.
Seekapelle St. George

2) Seekapelle St. George

Built around 1445, dedicated to St. George, this is one of Bregenz’s oldest churches. In the late 17th century it was enlarged and remodeled in the Baroque style. Adjacent to it is a three-story Gothic chapel, an octagonal structure crowned with a bright aeruginous dome. Its interior features a gorgeous high altar erected in 1615.
Sacred Heart Parish Church

3) Sacred Heart Parish Church

Sacred Heart Parish Church, built in 1908 in the Gothic style, was built almost entirely by the donations of Bregenz’s citizens. Architect Joseph Cades designed this brick tetrahedral basilica with a cruciform plan. Its front is dominated by two yellow brick Neo-Gothic 62 meter high towers. A distinctive feature is the clerestory, which is twice as high as the aisles. Its stained glass windows are particularly bright and colorful. The altar was completed at the beginning of World War I, with sculptures and reliefs of Christ's birth, The Lord's Supper, Christ on the Mount of Olives and others behind it. Though heavily damaged during the war, it was subsequently restored.
Capuchin Monastery

4) Capuchin Monastery (must see)

The Capuchin Monastery, built in 1639, was a home for Capuchin monks and the sisters of St. Claire until 2002. It has a lovely walkway with picturesque scenes, beautiful covered staircases, St. Antonius Church and the small Lourdes Chapel, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. Images of Christ, St. Antonius and St. Franziskus, an altarpiece with holy Antonius, a Mater Dolorosa sculpture and others can be found here.
Church of St. Gallus

5) Church of St. Gallus (must see)

The Church of St. Gallus stands on an isolated piece of high ground in Old Town Bregenz. The central portion of the building and the front sandstone porch-belfry were built around 1380 in the Gothic style. The porch-belfry is crowned by a Baroque castellated gable from the 15th century. The interior was designed in the Late Baroque and Roccoco styles in 1738 with a Baroque marble chancel, choir stalls by Mehrerau Abbey, and effigies of St. Gallus, St. Peter, St. Ulrich, St. Paul and St. Nicolas.
Marienberg Convent

6) Marienberg Convent

Marienberg Convent, located in a park on the southwest slope of a mountain, has a lovely view of Lake Constance. It is housed in one of Bregenz’s most beautiful structures, Villa Raczynski. In 1875 the Polish Count Raczynski built this Late Baroque house as a gift to his wife. In 1904 it was used as a convent and school for Dominican nuns. It contains two conference halls and a dozen guest rooms.

7) Siechenkapelle

The Roman Catholic Siechenkapelle, founded in 1400 by Graf Hugo II Von Montfort, is devoted to the Blessed Virgin and St. Leonard. In the 18th century this Gothic chapel was renewed in the Baroque style. It has a single nave, two arched windows, a polygonal choir and an oval window. The bell tower is topped with a cupola. Inside you will find the altar and statue of the Madonna and Child from 1540, as well as images of Saints Maria, Katharina, Margaretha, Antonius and Josef.
St. Kolumban Parish Church

8) St. Kolumban Parish Church

St. Kolumban Parish Church, consecrated in 1966, is located at the foot of Gebhard Mountain. This Roman Catholic Church is devoted to the Irish Saint Columbanus whose work largely influenced the religion, education and culture of Europe. It has a light exterior, an extraordinary portal and a striking tall concrete belfry with a bell cast in Innsbruck. The interior was designed by Egino Weinert.
Riedenburg Convent

9) Riedenburg Convent

Riedenburg Convent, located on a hill at the edge of Bregenz, has been the home of the Sacré Coeur Sisters since 1853. The monastery and church were built from 1862 to 1865. The magnificent Neo-Gothic church is divided by the strong buttresses. The aisle and narrow transept have a common gable roof. The church grounds are closed to the public. The Riedenburg Convent serves as a private school for girls and is surrounded by a lovely well-maintained park.
Maria Hilf Parish Church

10) Maria Hilf Parish Church

Maria Hilf Parish Church, located in the center of the newer part of Bregenz, is also a war memorial. It was designed by notable Austrian architect Clemens Holzmeister in 1930, in keeping with expressionist traditions. Leopold Fetzd created two stunning windows for the church. In 1980 this church received extensive restorations.
St. Gebhard Parish Church

11) St. Gebhard Parish Church

St. Gebhard Parish Church, located on the southwest side of the city, was built in the 1960s. This Roman Catholic church is dedicated to Gebhard von Konstanz, also known as Gebhard II, born in Bregenz, bishop of the Constance diocese who was revered as a saint. It is a modest church with a freestanding bell tower with a clock. Designed by local artists, it has mosaic windows and an ornate choir and aisle. Its large sonorous bell was cast in 1964 in Grassmayer.

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