Tour of Alger's Casbah Area, Alger

Tour of Alger's Casbah Area (Self Guided), Alger

Alger's Casbah, or citadel, once surrounded a majority of the city, protecting it from attack. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Casbah District charms with its narrow streets, bustling markets, winding stairs and historic mosques. Take this tour to visit a fascinating section of Alger and to learn about Algerian history.
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Tour of Alger's Casbah Area Map

Guide Name: Tour of Alger's Casbah Area
Guide Location: Algeria » Alger (See other walking tours in Alger)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 1 Hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.7 Km or 1.1 Miles
Author: Cathy
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Place of the Martyrs
  • Statue du Raïs Hamidou
  • Emir Abdelkader Lyceum
  • Sidi Abderrahmane Mausoleum
  • Sidi Ramdane
  • Surrounding Wall of the Casbah
  • Djamaa el Barani
Place of the Martyrs

1) Place of the Martyrs

The Place of the Martyrs is situated on an area of about one thousand square meters. When Algeria was under French occupation, the name of the site was the Place of the Government. In the 1990s, the Place of the Martyrs served as a theater and concert area, as well as a venue for football. A pavilion called Kisoque a Musqiue sits at the center of the Place of the Martyrs. It once hosted diverse concerts organized by Algerian musicians. The Place of the Martyrs constituted the center of Alger for a significant period of the city's history.
Statue du Raïs Hamidou

2) Statue du Raïs Hamidou

Raïs Hamidou was a famous corsair and hero of the 13th century. Many legends and stories exist about this dashing figure. Hemidou became well known mostly due to Albert Devoloux, who wrote about his exploits. Redha Chikh Bled, a well-known painter and sculptor, created the sculpture of Hamidou. In 1987 it was installed in the Parc de Bab el Oued in old Casbah.
Emir Abdelkader Lyceum

3) Emir Abdelkader Lyceum

Emir Abdelkader Lyceum is the new name of the Bugeaud d'Alger. It is also known as the Grand Lyceum, due to its imposing size. The building was constructed between 1862 and 1868 with the goal of replacing the secondary school in Bab Azzoun, which was too crowded. The architects who worked on the project were Claudel and Giauchain. Emir Abdelkader Lyceum is known not just for its architecture but for the famous scientists, writers and teachers who once studied here.
Sidi Abderrahmane Mausoleum

4) Sidi Abderrahmane Mausoleum (must see)

Sidi Abderrahmane is a mosque and mausoleum named after the city's patron saint. The main building was constructed in 1627, and the mosque where locals pray was added in 1696. The mosque also has a small graveyard, where some very notable people are buried, including Sidi Abderrahmane himself. The chandeliers decorating the interior were a gift from Queen Victoria of Great Britain.
Sidi Ramdane

5) Sidi Ramdane

Sidi Ramdane, built in the 11th century, is one of Alger's most ancient mosques. Because of its location and importance to the citadel, it is also called the Mosque of the Old Casbah. The building is very similar to the Djamaa el-Kebir mosque, which is located in the Place of Martyrs. The mosque was once on the verge of collapse, but fortunately the city provided the funds to restore it. Today it is a treasured site for the residents of Alger.
Surrounding Wall of the Casbah

6) Surrounding Wall of the Casbah (must see)

The present wall is just a small piece of the massive original wall that surrounded the city. The wall was built so that local inhabitants would remain safe from attacks by English, Spanish and French warriors. It was raised by the Barberousse brothers, and the project was finished in 1542. The wall protected an area of seventy hectares and reached a height of eleven to thirteen meters. The locals are very fond of the remaining wall and treasure it as a symbol of freedom.
Djamaa el Barani

7) Djamaa el Barani

Djamaa el Barani is a mosque located at the entrance of the Palais du Dey. The building was funded and built by dey Ali Khodja between 1817 and 1818. It was transformed into a church called Sainte Croix during the French occupation. After independence, along with other churches in Alger, it returned to serving as a mosque. Today Djamaa el Barani is the most popular Casbah mosque for tourists, due to its storied history.

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