Tour of East Melaka, Melaka

The eastern part of Melaka is home to the beautiful Shree Ambaji Temple, the impressive Hwa Kor San Temple, the historic St. John's Fort, and the fascinating Bird Sanctuary. Take this tour to visit the most interesting and prominent attractions in this part of the city!
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Tour of East Melaka Map

Guide Name: Tour of East Melaka
Guide Location: Malaysia » Melaka (See other walking tours in Melaka)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.6 km
Author: leticia
A Famosa

1) A Famosa (must see)

A Famosa is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia. The Porta de Santiago, a small gate house, is the only remaining part of the fortress still standing. The fortress once consisted of long ramparts and four major towers. One was a four-story keep, while the others held an ammunition storage room, the residence of the captain, and an officers' quarters.

The fort changed hands in 1641 when the Dutch drove the Portuguese out of Malacca. The Dutch renovated the...   view more
Sight description based on wikipedia
Historic City Memorial Garden

2) Historic City Memorial Garden

The Historic City Memorial Garden is located near the Sacred Heart Convent in front of the Melaka Sultanate Palace. This wonderful city garden features exotic trees, fountains, local plants, beautiful flowers, and other interesting...   view more
Proclaimation of Independence Memorial

3) Proclaimation of Independence Memorial

The Proclamation of Independence Memorial was built in 1912 and is located near the Historic City Memorial Garden. It where Malaysian independence was first proclaimed. It now houses a museum where you can find pictures and artifacts related to the country's struggle for...   view more
St. John's Fort

4) St. John's Fort

Situated on St. John's Hill, St. John's Fort is a noteworthy city attraction and a valuable historic landmark. The fort was built by the Dutch during the 18th century to guard against attack by land. In addition to the fort, you can also see an old...   view more
Bird Sanctuary

5) Bird Sanctuary

The Bird Sanctuary was opened to the public in 1991. Here you will find more 30 species of butterfly and an impressive number of reptiles. Come here to learn more about reptiles, birds and butterflies. The Melaka Bird Sanctuary is worth a visit, especially if you are traveling with...   view more
Hwa Kor San Temple

6) Hwa Kor San Temple

The Hwa Kor San Temple is located near to the Shree Ambaji Temple (Melaka Gujarati Samaj) in the eastern part of the Malaysian capital. This religious building incorporates some beautiful Malaysian architectural elements and is a popular regional place of...   view more
Shree Ambaji Temple (Melaka Gujarati Samaj)

7) Shree Ambaji Temple (Melaka Gujarati Samaj)

The Shree Ambaji Temple, or Melaka Gujarati Samaj, is located in the eastern part of Melaka on Pasar Parlameswara Street and has been in existence for about 37 years. The community of worshipers at this temple continues to grow year by...   view more

Walking Tours in Melaka, Malaysia

Create Your Own Walk in Melaka

Create Your Own Walk in Melaka

Creating your own self-guided walk in Melaka is easy and fun. Choose the city attractions that you want to see and a walk route map will be created just for you. You can even set your hotel as the start point of the walk.
Museums Tour of Melaka

Museums Tour of Melaka

If you like to visit museums, then Melaka is the place for you! This cultural center of Malaysia is home to a great variety of museums, many of which are located in the city center. You can choose to learn more about stamps, ethnography, architecture, the Malacca Sultanate, or the storied history of the city. Check out the most interesting museums in Melaka on this tour!

Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.2 km
Tour of Melaka's Central District

Tour of Melaka's Central District

Melaka is the capital city of Malaysia, its historical hub and center of tourism. Melaka has variety of interesting sights and landmarks, which reflect the long history of the city. Many of these attractions are located in the Stadthuys, or central, area of the city. Take this tour to visit the most interesting sights in Melaka!

Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 0.3 km
Tour of Northern Melaka

Tour of Northern Melaka

Melaka’s northern district is an interesting area where you will find numerous attractions and landmarks. Here you will find historic religious buildings, a Chinese cemetery, a memorial for Civilian Chinese Victims of WWII, the ruins of Rosary Chapel, and Melaka River Pirate Park. Take this tour to visit these fascinating sites in northern Melaka!

Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.0 km
Tour of Melaka's Historic District

Tour of Melaka's Historic District

Melaka is the historical center of Malaysia and has many old buildings, ancient tombs and fascinating ruins. The history of the city speaks through its landmarks. Take this tour to visit the most popular and noteworthy landmarks in Melaka and to learn more about the city's fascinating history!

Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 1.4 km
City Orientation Walk

City Orientation Walk

Melaka Town, the capital city of Melaka, the third smallest state in Malaysia, is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for its rich colonial past carefully preserved in the town center architecture. Among the most notable buildings are 16th century Portuguese-built St. Paul’s Church, 18th century Dutch-era Christ Church and the neighboring Stadthuys, the old town hall currently housing a museum of Malaccan history and ethnography. To explore these and other top attractions of Melaka, follow this orientation walk.

Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 2.3 km
Tour of Old Melaka

Tour of Old Melaka

Melaka's historic district is a wonderful area where you can find two mausoleums of great Malay warriors, several outstanding temples, the Chinese Opera Theater, traditional Malay houses and excellent shops. This part of the city embraces its rich history and welcomes all visitors. Take this tour to see the most interesting attractions in Old Melaka!

Tour Duration: 1 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 0.8 km