Tour of Nottingham's Statues and Monuments, Nottingham

Tour of Nottingham's Statues and Monuments, Nottingham

Over the centuries, Nottingham has been home to many famous men and women, known for both good deeds and bad. Nottingham has memorialized its heroes and villains with a number of fascinating statues and monuments. Take this tour to see the city's most notable memorials.
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Tour of Nottingham's Statues and Monuments Map

Guide Name: Tour of Nottingham's Statues and Monuments
Guide Location: England » Nottingham (See other walking tours in Nottingham)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 8
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 5.0 km
Author: StaceyP
War Memorial at Nottingham High School

1) War Memorial at Nottingham High School

The War Memorial at Nottingham High School stands facing the Arboretum. The statue depicts a soldier raising his hand and is inscribed with the name Robert Thrale, a former pupil of the school who became a corporal. The monument memorializes the students from Nottingham High School who died in WWI and...   view more
Chinese Pagoda

2) Chinese Pagoda

The Chinese Pagoda is located in Arboretum Park. The bell that hangs in the pagoda has historical value, as it was captured at the storming of Canton on December 20th, 1859, during the 2nd Opium War (1857-1860). It bears the inscription "that it hung in a Joss house". A Joss house is a Chinese...   view more
Feargus O'Connor the Chartist

3) Feargus O'Connor the Chartist

Feargus O'Connor was an Irish Chartist leader. For many years he held meetings and traveled around the country. He was one of the most popular orators of his time. He wanted political reform and improved working conditions for the poor. The statue of Feargus O'Connor is located in the...   view more

4) Quartet

The Quartet is a group of statues that includes the figures of two men and two women. The statues are located on Chapel Row, at the western edge of Old Market Square. They were installed here in 1986. The statues were created by sculptor Richard Perry and most likely represent...   view more
Afghan War Memorial

5) Afghan War Memorial

The Afghan War Memorial is located on the grounds of Nottingham Castle. It was installed in July 1884 in memory of the 59th Regiment of Foot, which fought in the Second Afghan War. The monument was crafted from Irish granite and was created by sculptor William Jackson. The inscription on the monument commemorates the 42 men from the 59th who died in...   view more
Albert Ball V.C. Statue

6) Albert Ball V.C. Statue

Albert Ball was an English fighter pilot during WWI. He was decorated with the Victoria Cross, which is the highest decoration for gallantry. The memorial is located in Nottingham Castle's park and was installed in September 1921. Nearby, there is also a plaque honoring Albert...   view more
Brian Clough Statue

7) Brian Clough Statue

Brian Clough was a well-known British football player and manager. He led Leeds United for more than 44 years and achieved great success throughout his career. He is considered the greatest manager in the history of football. The statue was unveiled in 2008 by Clough's widow Barbara. The sculptor of the statue was Les Johnson. The statue is made of bronze and is approximately 9 feet tall. It depicts Clough standing with his hands clasped above his head. The statue is located on King Street...   view more
William Booth Statue

8) William Booth Statue

The statue of William Booth is located at the Salvation Army Museum in front of the William Booth Building, which was his birthplace. Booth was a British Methodist preacher who established the Salvation Army. The statue is a replica of the original, which stands in...   view more

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