Tour of Western Nottingham, Nottingham

Tour of Western Nottingham, Nottingham
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Nottingham is bursting with unique things to see. Notable attractions in the western part of the city include Wollaton Hall and the University of Nottingham. Take this off-the-beaten-path tour to check out other interesting places hidden in western Nottingham.

Tour of Western Nottingham Map

Guide Name: Tour of Western Nottingham
Guide Location: England » Nottingham (See other walking tours in Nottingham)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 9
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.6 km
Author: StaceyP
The Rose & Crown

1) The Rose & Crown

The Rose & Crown is a traditional pub located near the University of Nottingham that is very popular with students. The pub features a sports area and a pool table and offers a wide selection of beer at reasonable prices. The staff is welcoming and...   view more
Old Gatehouse

2) Old Gatehouse

The Old Gatehouse, which resembles a castle, is an entrance to Wollaton Park. This noted city landmark still has a mechanism that allows the gate to open. The gate has a massive arch and four turrets and was built in the Romanesque style. It is considered the most complex Romanesque structure to have ever been built in...   view more
St. Mary's Church, Wollaton Park

3) St. Mary's Church, Wollaton Park

St. Mary's Church is a small Anglican parish located near Wollaton Park. It was designed by architect Thomas Cecil Howitt and was founded in 1939. The interior of the church features an organ built by J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd. in...   view more
University of Nottingham

4) University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham received its Royal Charter in 1948, but its predecessor institution, University College Nottingham, was founded in 1881. With campuses in China and Malaysia, the Times regards Nottingham as Britain's "only truly global university". With more than 49,000 applications for 5,500 places in 2012, Nottingham is the most popular university in the UK. It is widely regarded as a "prime alternative to Oxbridge". It consistently ranks among the top ten...   view more
Sight description based on wikipedia
Wollaton Hall

5) Wollaton Hall (must see)

Wollaton Hall is a country house standing on a small but prominent hill in Wollaton. Wollaton Park is the area of parkland that the stately house stands in. The house itself is a natural history museum, with other museums in the out-buildings. Wollaton Hall was built between 1580 and 1588 for Sir Francis Willoughby and is believed to be designed by the Elizabethan architect, Robert Smythson, who was the architect of Hardwick Hall. The style is Elizabethan with early Jacobean elements. The...   view more
Sight description based on wikipedia
Camellia House

6) Camellia House

Camellia House is considered the oldest cast iron building in the U.K. It is located in Wollaton Park near Wollaton Hall. This wonderful house was built from 1580 to 1588 by Sir Francis Willoughby and was designed in the Medieval and Renaissance architectural styles. The glazed walls are separated by Doric columns; the roof is glazed also. The interior of the structure is divided by paths and columns on each...   view more
Nottingham Industrial Museum

7) Nottingham Industrial Museum (must see)

Nottingham Industrial Museum is situated in Wollaton Hall area, neighboring with Natural History Museum, Yard Gallery and Deer Park. The Collection was very poor till 1960 exposing the history of industrial material. After 1960 was established a larger collection of local textile, cool mining and light metal. Now the collection is combined from transportation gallery, lace machinery, telecommunication, agricultural machinery and steam engines. The museum was officially is opened every last...   view more
St. Leonard Church

8) St. Leonard Church

St. Leonard Church is located on Lincoln Road and is a Grade II-listed landmark. The church dates back to the 13th century, making it one of the oldest churches in Nottingham. It features a spectacular design and stained glass windows. The church has a welcoming congregation that gathers on Sundays to...   view more
The Wheelhouse

9) The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse is a pub located near Wollaton Park. It offers a fine selection of spirits, wine, and beer and has an extensive menu. It is a popular place with locals. The pub organizes a variety of events such as quizzes and live entertainment. The prices are reasonable, and the venue itself is cozy and...   view more

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