Walking Tour: Chaoyang District (Self Guided), Beijing

Chaoyang District is one of the largest, most modern Districts of Beijing. Here you will find the Central Business District and headquarters of many international organizations, as well as many famous market streets including Silk Street and Sanlitun Bar Street. Take the following tour to discover the fascinating Chaoyang District:
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Walking Tour: Chaoyang District Map

Guide Name: Walking Tour: Chaoyang District
Guide Location: China » Beijing (See other walking tours in Beijing)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 5
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.4 Km or 2.7 Miles
Author: nataly
Sight(s) Featured in This Guide:
  • Yashow (Yaxiu) Market
  • Chaowai Dajie
  • Shard Box Store
  • Temple of the Sun
  • Dongyue Temple
Yashow (Yaxiu) Market

1) Yashow (Yaxiu) Market

If you wish to shop for affordable Chinese clothes, Yashow (Yaxiu) Market is the place to visit. This indoor shopping store has four floors and is popular with the locals as the prices are lower. Similar to the Silk Market, Yashow Market is spread over 27,000 square meters. A range of foreign trade takes place here including traditional handicrafts, clothing and accessories.

At this market, you will also find a variety of eateries providing delicious snacks and cuisines. Periodical entertainment and recreational activities held here ensures that the market is always crowded and bustling.

Yashow Market is located between the north gate of Worker’s Stadium and the Village in West Sanlitun. If you are proficient with conversing in Chinese and know how to bargain, this market is the perfect place to visit on your trip to Beijing.

On the first floor, you will find a variety of shops selling attractive wallets, bags, hats and shoes. Go to the second floor if you wish to shop for modern branded clothes. On the third floor, shops sell an attractive range of silk, children’s clothes and bedding.

If you wish to take back souvenirs, arts and crafts, pearls and gifts, visit the fourth floor of this market. After shopping, satisfy your hunger with delicious local foods, snacks and different cuisines.
Chaowai Dajie

2) Chaowai Dajie

Chaowai Dajie is one of the newest shopping areas in Beijing. Along this modern street in the Chaoyang District lie a great number of shops offering clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, jewelry, traditional Chinese tea and medicine. These trendy shops are quickly gaining popularity among Beijing locals and tourists.
Shard Box Store

3) Shard Box Store

This one-of-a-kind store sells unique shard boxes, which are made from the antique porcelain that was smashed during the Cultural Revolution. The boxes are decorated in outstanding traditional Chinese style. The shop also offers exquisite handmade jewelry from Tibet and Mongolia. It is open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.
Temple of the Sun

4) Temple of the Sun

Popularly known as Ritan Park, the Temple of the Sun Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Beijing. Declared by the government as a historic site and preserved, this temple is located ten kilometres from the center of the city in Chaoyang District’s Ritan North Road.

Constructed in 1530 during Ming Dynasty’s Emperor Jiajing’s rule, Temple of the Sun is well known for its classical garden. The temple was turned into a park in 1951 and in 1956 was expanded to include surrounding areas and opened to the public.

Temple of the Sun was where Qing and Ming emperors paid their respects to and worshipped Sun God. A variety of cultural activities are held at this park such as flower shows in spring, musical festivals and exercise performances in the mornings. This attracts a lot of tourists from around the world.

This park is filled with a variety of attractions such as the North and West Heavenly Gate, the Altar, Slaughter Pavilion, Divine Depot and Kitchen, Sacrificial Mural, Dressing Hall, Yuxin Garden, China Rose in Round Ponds, Southwest Scenic Area, Senior Citizen’s Area and Peony Garden.

Enjoy a visit to the Temple of the Sun on your trip to Beijing. You will certainly have a wonderful time in this comfortable, quiet and beautiful place.
Dongyue Temple

5) Dongyue Temple

Dongyue Temple in Beijing is located in Chaoyang District’s Chaowai area. This popular Daoist temple was constructed during the Yuan Dynasty in honor of the God of Mount Tai. Today this temple is under the National Key Cultural Relict protection being the largest Zhengyi School of Daoism temple in north China. Dongyue

Temple also houses the Beijing Folk Customs Museum. The special feature of the temple is the morbid Taoist shrine. Though unsettling, a visit to this shrine offers a fascinating experience. The temple is where Daoist monks live in an atmosphere and ambience that starkly contrasts the surrounding high rise buildings and contemporary glass structures.

To the south of the temple, you will find the mesmerizing memorial archway. As you enter through this entrance, you will reach the Taoist Hades. This is where tortured spirits are believed to seek retribution and atonement.

Wander through the Department for Implementing 15 Kinds of Violent Death or the Department for Wandering Ghosts to get spooked. All is not morbid and gloomy though. You can cheer up by visiting the Department for Increasing Good Fortune and Longevity. At each department, you will be given an explanation in English. This temple is one of the popular tourist attractions in Beijing.

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