Warsaw Prominent Sightseeing Tour, Warsaw

Warsaw is a city with a long history, a large number of monuments, and various landmarks. Walk through Warsaw’s historic streets and you will find a range of exceptional memorials, monuments, statues, and sculptures. Take the following walking tour to see the most prominent monuments of this most historic city!
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Warsaw Prominent Sightseeing Tour Map

Guide Name: Warsaw Prominent Sightseeing Tour
Guide Location: Poland » Warsaw (See other walking tours in Warsaw)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 10
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 4.1 km
Author: leticia
Monte Cassino Monument

1) Monte Cassino Monument

On your visit to Warsaw, take a guided tour to the must-visit Monte Cassino Monument. Dedicated to the Monte Cassino battle of 1944, this monument is located at the edge of the Karasinskis’ Park. This intense battle was fought by five Polish Units. The monument is designed by a Polish sculptor Gustaw zemla. Symbolizing the Polish Hussars and Nike, the sculpture features a pair of wings.

When allies landed successfully on September 1943 in Italy, there was an effort to map out a route to...   view more
Krasiński Palace

2) Krasiński Palace

Krasinski Palace is one of the most wonderful Baroque Palaces in Warsaw. This is also the biggest palace and is popularly known as the Palace of the Republic. The palace was erected between 1677 and 1683 and features Tylman Vom Gameren’s designs.

The palace was exclusively designed for the voivode of Plock and recorder of the Crown Jan Dobrogost Krasinski. Many noted artists of that time such as Carlo Maderni, Jakub Solari and Giuseppe Belotti worked together with Tylman Von Gameren to...   view more
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Monument to the Warsaw Uprising

3) Monument to the Warsaw Uprising (must see)

Historically, the Warsaw Uprising was one of the most courageous attempts to defeat the Germans. This battle was fought between August and September 1944. The Germans were expelled by the combined effort of civilians and soldiers who fought for 63 days. They regained control over their city but could enjoy their victory only for a short while before reinforcements were sent by Hitler.

Many civilians were executed as a punishment by the Germans and the Old Town was destroyed completely. At...   view more
Little Insurgent Monument

4) Little Insurgent Monument

In Poland, there were constant efforts to commemorate the Warsaw Uprising. These efforts were continually being thwarted by the communist authorities. One of the most poignant monuments was unveiled on 1st October 1983 by the Barbakan walls. This was the Little Insurgent Monument, funded by scout collections and designed by Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz.

Visitors from all over the world flock to this monument that depicts a boy soldier, weighed down by a huge adult helmet and holding a Sten gun. The...   view more
Jan Kiliński Monument

5) Jan Kiliński Monument

Jan Kilinski is another monument dedicated to a 1794 Warsaw Uprising hero. This monument commemorates a humble shoemaker who fought bravely during the Uprising. As he fought hard to defend his beloved city, he was wounded twice. For several years afterwards, the shoemaker was imprisoned in St. Petersburg.

Col. Tadeusz Kociuszko nominated him for the honor of being commemorated through a monument. Stanislaw Jackowski erected the Jan Kilinski Monument in honor of this hero in the year 1936....   view more
King Sigismund's Column (Zygmunt's Column)

6) King Sigismund's Column (Zygmunt's Column)

If you have been to Warsaw ever, you would certainly have visited the famous landmark King Sigismund’s Column. This is an ancient secular monument, the oldest in Northern Europe.

King Sigismund’s Column is located in Warsaw’s Castle Square. Built in the year 1644, this statue and column commemorates King Sigismund III Vasa. He was the King who moved Poland’s capital to Warsaw from Krakow in 1596.

You can find a sculpture of this king on the Corinthian column. This sculpture is...   view more
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Nike (Pomnik Bohaterów Warszawy)

7) Nike (Pomnik Bohaterów Warszawy)

The Monument to the Heroes of Warsaw, also known as the Warsaw Nike was built to commemorate those who fought bravely during World War II to obtain freedom for the city.

Many of the heroes who fought during the 1944 Warsaw Uprising are specially remembered here. This uprising saw many minor victories for the city. People fought hard and liberated parts of Warsaw from the Nazis.

Though the uprising was defeated due to the lack of any help from outside, it is remembered for its many...   view more
Teatr Wielki - National Opera

8) Teatr Wielki - National Opera (must see)

Teatr Wielki is located at the Theater Square. It was built between 1825 and 1833 by Antonio Corazzi. The complex has 3 parts: Great Theater, National Theater, and the New Theater. During the German invasion and the Polish Uprising the building suffered several damages and it was renovated, and the building reopened on November 19, 1965, after having been closed for over twenty years. According to Antonio Corazzi's 1825 plans, the Grand Theatre's front façade was meant to feature a...   view more
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Saxon Garden

9) Saxon Garden

Saxon Garden was frequented by Fryderyk Chopin who spent the initial seven years of his life at the Saxon Palace. It is a fascinating experience to walk through the park that would certainly have been witness to many a visit from Mrs. Justyna Chopin with little Frycek and Ludwika.

We know that Fryderyk was very passionate about walking around the city. He would also have paid a visit to this park time and again, maybe with his friends, to relive his childhood.

Saxon Axis is a complex...   view more
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The Holy Trinity Evangelical Church

10) The Holy Trinity Evangelical Church

In Warsaw there are only two Augsburg Evangelical churches and the Holy Trinity Evangelical Church is one of them. This church was constructed by Szymon Bogumil Zug who was also the designer. The church is very popular for its design and for being the largest in the city.

Construction of the church was initiated by Piotr Tepper who convinced King Stanislaw August Poniatowski in 1777 and completed in 1789. As you enter the church you will be impressed with its Roman Pantheon rotunda. In the...   view more
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Museums and Galleries Walk

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Warsaw Famous Monuments

Warsaw Famous Monuments

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