Wine Tour, Venice

Wine Tour, Venice
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Italy - the land of the three seas, the land of mountains, of Casanova and cheese, the land of pizza and lasagna. And one of the most famous products - Italian wine. This guide lays down an itinerary that would lead you to the best wine shops in Venice. Take the tour in order to discover quality Italian wine.

Wine Tour Map

Guide Name: Wine Tour
Guide Location: Italy » Venice (See other walking tours in Venice)
Guide Type: Self-guided Walking Tour (Sightseeing)
# of Attractions: 7
Tour Duration: 2 hour(s)
Travel Distance: 3.5 km
Author: nicole

1) Angio

This is a miraculous place. Angio is primarily considered to be a pub, but there is a bar zone, a restaurant zone, and a pub zone, and, of course, they sell wine by the bottle also, not just by the glass. Angio offers you the possibility to see, smell, and taste your wine. The friendly staff will tell you all they know about the technology, the year and the wine you...   view more

2) Aciugheta

Here they serve great Venitian and Italian wines by the glass. The wine bar/pizzeria has a small terrace in good weather. The interior is typical of Venice - welcoming and warm. It is open most of the time until...   view more
Tre Mercanti

3) Tre Mercanti

This place is called "The Gucci of Wines". Why? The founder used to work for Gucci Co. in England. It was hard for a tourist to find real Italian wine some time ago. The three merchants (the three friends - the founders!) opened shop. The wine here can be taken in a suitcase or shipped...   view more

4) Cavatapi

Cavatapi in translation means corkscrew. Inside this wine-bar there is a museum-quality assembly of corkscrews. Fine wine and great food will lead you to the best choice in wines. We recommend that you order tramezzini, triangular sandwiches, on your wine...   view more
Riva del Vin

5) Riva del Vin

If Venice had more cars Riva del Vin would need a huge parking space. The gondolas parked next to this high quality and respected restaurant outnumber cars in a parking place. Of course, Riva serves wonderful Italian cuisine. But the most precious gift they have on offer is - the opportunity to buy a legendary bottle of wine at a reasonable...   view more
Teamo Wine Bar

6) Teamo Wine Bar

Only the name of this wine bar would make you love it at first sight. Te Amo in translation means I Love You. It is a very cozy, warm and not very crowded place. The wine here is sold by the bottle too, of course. It is possible to have your wine sent directly to the hotel, so no unfortunate cases could ruin your...   view more
Hosteria Ai Rusteghi

7) Hosteria Ai Rusteghi

Senor Giovanni is a famous figure here. The owner himself gives his advice, shares his knowledge and even tastes the wine that you select. Also, if you are not a fast food lover - this is an oasis for you. A calm, tiny place with great cuisine and great wine. The courtyard hosts a few tables too, so consider yourself lucky if you get the chance to spend a few hours on a summer night at a table like that. As the final destination in our itinerary, we suggest you sit back and relax with a glass of...   view more


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