Create Your Own DIY Sightseeing Map in Antalya, Turkey

Create your own self-guided walk to explore the city, starting from your hotel or a place of your choice. Afterwards the customized walk can be saved to your mobile phone or tablet.

Step 1: Select Attractions

Select the city attractions to be included in the custom walk by tapping "Select" button under the sight image. Maximum 15 attractions per walk.
Akdeniz Çiçek Pasajı
Antalya Aquarium
Antalya Archaeology Museum (must see)
Atatürk (Independence) Monument (must see)
Attalos II Monument
Belly Dance
Clock Tower (must see)
Club Arma
Dogu Garaji
Duden Waterfalls (must see)
Hadrian's Gate (must see)
Hadrian's Gate Avenue
Hidirlik Tower (must see)
Hookah (Nargile)
Iskele Market
Kaleiçi Halicilik (must see)
Karaalioğlu Park (must see)
Kesik Minare (must see)
Korkut Mosque
Main Market
Masjid of Akhi Yusuf
Murat Paşa Mosque (must see)
Nil Tekel Shop
Old Bazaar (İki Kapılı Han) (must see)
Old Historic Bazaar (Carsi) (must see)
Perge (must see)
Perge Shopping Center
Recep Bilgin Park
Selekler Shopping Center
Singing Fountain
St. Paul Church
Storks Jewellery
Suna and Inan Kiraç Kaleiçi Museum
Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque
Termessos Antalya (must see)
The Yivli Minare Complex (must see)
Turkish Bath (Hamam) at Cender Hotel (must see)
Turkish Coffee
Volkan Restaurant for Turkish Delight
Yavuz Özcan Park
Yivli Minare (must see)
Yivli Minare Mosque (must see)
Ünlüoğlu Baklava Shop
İskele Mosque
İskender Kebab

Step 2: Select Starting Point

The walk's starting point can be either one of the selected attractions or some other personal place of choice, e.g. your hotel or nearby metro station.
Select one*:

Place Name*:
Locate the Place*: get GPS coordinates

Step 3: Create/Update Route

The selected attractions are displayed on the map below. The red pins mark must-see attractions, green pins - ordinary attractions. If you selected a hotel or another personal place in Step 2, it is marked by a blue pin.
Tour starting point is your personal place specified in Step 2.
Indicate the tour start point by entering the map pin ID in the field below.
Starting Point*: Numeric value.

Step 4: Save Your Custom Walk

Enter a name for your custom walk, along with email address, in the fields below. You will get instructions by email for retrieving your custom walk within the GPSmyCity app. You can fine-tune the walk's route within the app by re-ordering the sights manually.
Walk Name*: