Create Your Own DIY Sightseeing Map in Vienna, Austria

Create your own self-guided walk to explore the city, starting from your hotel or a place of your choice. Afterwards the customized walk can be saved to your mobile phone or tablet. Using the GPSmyCity app, you can follow the walk route with ease. View this short introduction video to learn more and use the contact us form to ask questions or report issues. View all attractions on the map.

Step 1: Select Attractions

Select the city attractions to be included in the custom walk by tapping "Select" button under the sight image. Maximum 15 attractions per walk.
[A1] A.E. Koechert Juweliere
[A2] ARES Tower
[A3] Albertina Giftshop
[A4] Albertina Museum (must see)
[A5] Altmann & Kühne
[A6] Andromeda Tower (Andromeda Turm)
[A7] Augarten
[A8] Augustinerkirche
[A9] Austria Center Vienna
[B1] Austrian National Library
[B2] Austrian Resistance Museum
[B3] Bank Austria Kunstforum
[B4] Barockmuseum (must see)
[B5] Belvedere Garten (must see)
[B6] Belvedere Palace (must see)
[B7] Bonbons Anziger
[B8] Burggarten (must see)
[B9] Burgtheater (must see)
[C1] Cafe Drechsler
[C2] Club Babenberger Passage
[C3] Club Roxy
[C4] Demel
[C5] Dom- und Diözesanmuseum
[C6] Dominikanerkirche
[C7] Donau City Kirche
[C8] Donaupark (must see)
[C9] Donauturm (must see)
[D1] Ephesos Museum (must see)
[D2] Fiaker Museum
[D3] Franziskanerkirche
[D4] Galerie Chobot
[D5] Galerie Ernst Hilger
[D6] Galerie Frey
[D7] Galerie Hofstatter
[D8] Galerie Kovacek & Zetter
[D9] Galerie Szaal
[E1] Galerie Ulrike Hrobsky
[E2] Galerie Wolfgang Exner
[E3] Galerie bei der Albertina
[E4] Gemäldegalerie der Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien
[E5] Graben Street (must see)
[E6] Haas House (must see)
[E7] Haus der Musik (must see)
[E8] Heiligenkreuzerhof
[E9] Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien
[F1] Hochhaus Neue Donau
[F2] Hofburg (must see)
[F3] Hofburgkapelle (must see)
[F4] Hofsilber und Tafelkammer (must see)
[F5] Hohes Haus
[F6] Hundertwasserhaus (must see)
[F7] J & L Lobmeyr
[F8] Jesuitenkirche
[F9] Johann Strauss Wohnung (must see)
[G1] Josephinum-Museum des Instituts für Geschichte der Medizin
[G2] Julius Meinl am Graben
[G3] Jüdisches Museum der Stadt Wien
[G4] Kaisergruft
[G5] Kapuzinerkirche
[G6] Karlskirche (must see)
[G7] Karlsplatz Stadtbahn Station
[G8] Kirche am Steinhof (must see)
[G9] Kunsthandel Dr. Ursula Hieke
[H1] Kunsthaus Vienna (must see)
[H2] Kunsthistorisches Museum (must see)
[H3] Kunstmarkt Spittelberg
[H4] Kärntner Straße
[H5] Leopold Museum (must see)
[H6] Leschanz Schokolade
[H7] Liechtenstein Museum (must see)
[H8] Loos Haus
[H9] Ludwig Reiter
[J1] Lutherische Stadtkirche Wien
[J2] MOYA - Museum of Young Art
[J3] MUMOK - Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
[J4] Majolica House (must see)
[J5] Malteserkirche
[J6] Manner
[J7] Maria am Gestade
[J8] Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art
[J9] Michaelerkirche
[K1] Michaelerplatz (must see)
[K2] Minoritenkirche
[K3] Mischek Tower (Mischek Turm)
[K4] Mozart Ensemble
[K5] Mozarthaus (must see)
[K6] Museumsquartier
[K7] Naschmarkt
[K8] Naturhistorisches Museum (must see)
[K9] Neue Burg (must see)
[L1] Opern Confiserie
[L2] Ottakringer Shop
[L3] Palais Auersperg
[L4] Palais Coburg
[L5] Palais Dietrichstein-Lobkowitz
[L6] Palais Epstein
[L7] Palais Ferstel
[L8] Palais Harrach
[L9] Palais Niederösterreich
[N1] Palais Pallavicini
[N2] Palais Rasumofsky
[N3] Palais Schönborn-Batthyány
[N4] Palais Trautson
[N5] Pasqualatihaus
[N6] Peterskirche (must see)
[N7] Petit Point
[N8] Planetarium der Stadt Wien
[N9] Postsparkasse
[P1] R. Horn
[P2] Rathaus (City Hall) (must see)
[P3] Rathauspark (must see)
[P4] Ruprechtskirche (must see)
[P5] Saturn Tower
[P6] Schatzkammer (Imperial Treasury) (must see)
[P7] Schloss Schönbrunn
[P8] Secession Building (must see)
[P9] Sigmund Freud Museum (must see)
[R1] Spanish Riding School (must see)
[R2] Stadtpalais Liechtenstein (must see)
[R3] Stadtpalais des Prinzen Eugen
[R4] Stadtpark (must see)
[R5] State Opera House (must see)
[R6] Stephansdom (must see)
[R7] Stephansplatz (must see)
[R8] Swarovski Wien
[R9] Tanzcafe Jenseits
[S1] Tech Gate
[S2] Technisches Museum (must see)
[S3] The Monument Against War and Fascism (must see)
[S4] The Prater (must see)
[S5] Theater an der Wien
[S6] Tostmann Trachten
[S7] Tu Felix
[S8] Uhrenmuseum
[S9] Uhrmachermeister Hofer
[T1] Urania Observatory
[T2] Vienna Hofburg-Orchestra
[T3] Vienna Islamic Centre
[T4] Vienna Philharmonic (must see)
[T5] Vienna Zoo (Tiergarten Schönbrunn)
[T6] Volksgarten (must see)
[T7] Volksgarten Clubdiscothek Bar
[T8] Volkskundemuseum (must see)
[T9] Votivkirche
[U1] Wein & Co
[U2] Wiener Kammeroper
[U3] Wiener Konzerthaus
[U4] Wiener Kriminalmuseum
[U5] Wienerroither & Kohlbacher
[U6] Wohnturm
[U7] Xocolat
[U8] Zentralfriedhof (must see)
[U9] Österreicher Werkstätten
[V1] Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (must see)

Step 2: Select Starting Point

The walk's starting point can be either one of the selected attractions or some other personal place of choice, e.g. your hotel or nearby metro station.
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Step 3: Create/Update Route

The selected attractions are displayed on the map below. The red pins mark must-see attractions, green pins - ordinary attractions. If you selected a hotel or another personal place in Step 2, it is marked by a blue pin.
The walk starting point is your personal place specified in Step 2.
Indicate the tour start point by entering the map pin ID in the field below.
The tour starting point is a hotel specified in Step 2.
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Step 4: Save Your Custom Walk

Enter a name for your custom walk, along with your email address, in the fields below. You will receive the instructions for retrieving your custom walk on the GPSmyCity app by email. You can change the sights and re-arrange the walk route using the app.
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