Create Your Own DIY Sightseeing Map in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Create your own self-guided walk to explore the city, starting from your hotel or a place of your choice. Afterwards the customized walk can be saved to your mobile phone or tablet. Using the GPSmyCity app, you can follow the walk route with ease. View this short introduction video to learn more and use the contact us form to ask questions or report issues. View all attractions on the map.

Step 1: Select Attractions

Select the city attractions to be included in the custom walk by tapping "Select" button under the sight image. Maximum 15 attractions per walk.
[A1] Amsterdam Sauer Museum
[A2] Amsterdam Sauer, Copacabana
[A3] Arco do Teles (must see)
[A4] Arcos Da Lapa (must see)
[A5] Armazém do Café
[A6] Arpoador Beach (must see)
[A7] BMX Olympic Centre
[A8] Bali Blue
[A9] Bank of Brasil Cultural Center (must see)
[B1] Bar Lagoa
[B2] Bar d'Hotel
[B3] Barbarella
[B4] Blueman
[B5] Candelária Church (must see)
[B6] Cantão
[B7] Carmen Miranda Museum
[B8] Casa França Brasil
[B9] Catedral Metropolitana (must see)
[C1] Church of the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral
[C2] Cinelandia Square
[C3] Cinta Moderna
[C4] Convento de Santo Antonio (must see)
[C5] Copacabana Beach (must see)
[C6] Copacabana Stadium
[C7] Corcovado (must see)
[C8] Deodoro Arena (Youth Arena)
[C9] Edifício Santos-Dummont
[D1] Escadaria Selarón (must see)
[D2] Feira de São Cristóvão
[D3] Fort Copacabana (must see)
[D4] Gilson Martins
[D5] Gustavo Capanema Palace
[D6] Historical Army Museum
[D7] Ilha Fiscal Palace (must see)
[D8] Indian Museum
[D9] Ipanema (must see)
[E1] Ipanema Beach (must see)
[E2] João Havelange Olympic Stadium – Engenhão
[E3] Lapa Rio Capoeira
[E4] Lealtex
[E5] Leblon Beach (must see)
[E6] Lord Jim Pub
[E7] Mangue Seco Cachaçaria
[E8] Maracanã Soccer Stadium
[E9] Maracanãzinho Gymnasium
[F1] Maria Lenk Aquatic Park
[F2] Marina in Gloria
[F3] MeMo - Mercado Moderno
[F4] Modern Pentathlon Water Centre
[F5] Mont Blanc
[F6] Monument to the Brazilian Armed Forces
[F7] Mosteiro de São Bento (must see)
[F8] Mountain Bike Olympic Park
[F9] Mundo Verde
[G1] Museum of Modern Art (must see)
[G2] Museum of the Estate of Heaven
[G3] National Equestrian Centre
[G4] National Fine Arts Museum (must see)
[G5] National History Museum (must see)
[G6] National Hockey Centre
[G7] National Library (must see)
[G8] National Shooting Centre
[G9] Niterói Contemporary Art Museum (must see)
[H1] Old Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro (must see)
[H2] Olympic Canoe Slalom Stadium
[H3] Olympic Golf Course
[H4] Olympic Hall 1
[H5] Olympic Hall 2
[H6] Olympic Hall 3
[H7] Olympic Hall 4
[H8] Olympic Park
[H9] Olympic Velodrome
[J1] Olympic Water Sports Centre
[J2] Olympic and Paralympic Village
[J3] Paco Imperial (must see)
[J4] Palacio do Catete and Museu da República (must see)
[J5] Palácio Guanabara (must see)
[J6] Palácio Pedro Ernesto (must see)
[J7] Palácio do Itamaraty
[J8] Parque do Flamengo (must see)
[J9] Pavilion 2
[K1] Pavilion 3
[K2] Pavilion 4
[K3] Pavilion 6
[K4] Pontal
[K5] Ponte Rio-Niteroi
[K6] Praca do Republica
[K7] Praia Vermelha (the Red Beach)
[K8] Praça Quinze
[K9] Pão de Açucar
[L1] Rio Olympic Arena
[L2] Rio Scenarium
[L3] Rio Sul Center
[L4] Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden (must see)
[L5] Rio de Janeiro Zoo
[L6] Riocentro
[L7] Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon
[L8] Rua do Lavradio
[L9] Rugby and Modern Pentathlon Arena (Deodoro Stadium)
[N1] Saara District
[N2] Sambadrome
[N3] Santa Teresa (must see)
[N4] St. Rita Chapel
[N5] São Francisco da Penitência Church (must see)
[N6] Teatro Municipal (must see)
[N7] Teatro Popular
[N8] Tennis Olympic Centre
[N9] The Statue of Christ the Redeemer (must see)
[P1] Tijuca National Park (must see)
[P2] Tiradentes Palace (must see)
[P3] Vinicius Piano Bar

Step 2: Select Starting Point

The walk's starting point can be either one of the selected attractions or some other personal place of choice, e.g. your hotel or nearby metro station.
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Step 3: Create/Update Route

The selected attractions are displayed on the map below. The red pins mark must-see attractions, green pins - ordinary attractions. If you selected a hotel or another personal place in Step 2, it is marked by a blue pin.
The tour starting point is your personal place specified in Step 2.
Indicate the tour start point by entering the map pin ID in the field below.
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Step 4: Save Your Custom Walk

Enter a name for your custom walk, along with your email address, in the fields below. You will receive the instructions for retrieving your custom walk on the GPSmyCity app by email. You can change the sights and re-arrange the walk route using the app.
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