Pubs and Clubs of Oaxaca

Pubs and Clubs of Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a very artistic city, full of musicians and artists trying to get their revolutionary message out. It has a few salsa joints but Oaxaquenos would rather be heard. There are some fantastic funky little pubs that have live music or even at times poetry readings. Later on in the night you can check out live bands in night clubs or reggeaton in sweaty clubs that pour onto the streets.
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1. Fandango/ La Embajada

Fandango/ La Embajada
Fandango reads on the outside of the building but the area has three interconnecting bars known as la Casa de los Perros. The actual Fandango part has a more retro style with a long bar. Through a dorrway you will find Embajada which is a favourite amongst students and travelers. It’s a great place to hang out with friends or even meet some new ones. You can take in the relaxed atmosphere on couches drinking beer, cocktails, hot chocolate and teas. The music is a mix of rock, alternative and reggae which can be enjoyed while playing a game of Jenga or trivia from their board game collection. The decor covering the walls ia a random collage of photos, magazine clippings and maps. Certain nights during the week you can get treated to free shots of mezcal.
Where to find it:
Porfirio Díaz 503, Centro Historico, Oaxaca, Mexico

Working Hours:
Daily: 06:00pm – 01:00am

2. La Nueva Babel

La Nueva Babel
The Bohemian lifestyle of Oaxaca comes alive in this small artistic pub. Here you can sip a drink while enjoying live music, attend an open mic night or a poetry reading. It has three small cozy rooms on the ground floor one being a court yard. Upstairs is an eclectically decorated loft with little tables and cushions to drink around and chat with friends. The rooms downstairs are unique show cases of artwork and designs with comfy pillows and tables covered in collages. When there is a performance going on people are wedged in where they can sitting on the stairs and sharing bench space especially if Leo Arvizu is playing. Leo is a local musician who works magic with the guitar playing flamenco and traditional Latin American music. They have a selection of wines, cocktails, beer and mezcal here to enjoy. As well they also offer a range of food from appetizers to light snacks. This café has long been a meeting place for artists, musicians and revolutionaries to drink and share ideas.
Where to find it:
Porfirio Diaz 224, Centro Historico, Oaxaca, Mexico

Working Hours:
Daily: 09:00am–02:00am

3. Freebar

Freebar next to Café Del Borgo gives you a completely different vibe. This is a hot night spot where the music is turned up and gyrating bodies are crammed into the dance floor to beats of the best reggeaton Latin America has to offer. They do however like to mix it up a bit with pop, hip hop, electronic, rock, salsa and cumbia. This packed throbbing bar is a place to get sweaty and dance to some Daddy Yankee with a beer in hand. There isn’t usually a cover charge but when there is it’s only 20 pesos and includes a free beer. There are drink promotions different nights of the week to look out for. Freebar is popular with a mix of young foreigners and locals. The décor is minimal in this dark bar but a party crowd is guaranteed.
Where to find it:
Calle Mariano Matamoros, 100 (Centro), Oaxaca, Mexico

Working Hours:
Daily: 9:00pm to 3:00am

4. La Tentacion

La Tentacion
La Tentacion or in English the temptation is the place to try out your salsa moves. This bar is upstairs and opens up to a good dance space. Nights in La Tentación are accompanied by hot rhythms with live groups playing salsa, meringue, cumbia, reggae, and ska as well as selections by a DJ. When it comes to salsa, this is the real deal. This is where the locals come to show off their moves. You can sit back and watch them spin and turn their partners or you can give into temptation and try it out for yourself. On different days of the week they feature local bands and different types of music to sit back and enjoy. On weekends come prepared to dance. There is an endless bar menu of beers, liquors and cocktails.
Where to find it:
101 Matamoros, Centro Historico, Oaxaca, Mexico

Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed-Sat: 09:30pm–03:00am
Sun: Closed


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