Augustine Steward House, Norwich

Augustine Steward House, Norwich

The Augustine Steward House was built in 1530 for Augustine Steward. It is famously known for being haunted by a young girl now known as The Lady in Grey.

Norwich was overcome with a plague outbreak in 1578. The custom at that time was to board up houses that contained the plague to try to isolate it from the public. The Steward house was boarded from the outside, and then opened five weeks later.

Both mother and father had died from the plague but their daughter was unaffected. However, starving from being boarded up with her dying parents, she had to resort to cannibalism to stay alive. She then choked on the human remains and also died inside.

The ghost of the young girl is often seen in the area, but mostly remains attached to the Augustine Steward House. She is also known to open and close doors and randomly move objects. Visitors can now attend an escape room in the lower floor of the home.

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Sight Name: Augustine Steward House
Sight Location: Norwich, England (See walking tours in Norwich)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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