Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb

Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb (must see)

Ban Jelacic Square is named for Josip Jelacic, Ban (ruler) of Croatia and leader of Croatian independence from Austria in the 19th century. The name, locally, is Jelacic Plac. It is in the center of Zagreb's downtown pedestrian zone. It is located below the early medieval settlements of Gradec (1242) and Kaptol (1094), south of Dolac Market.

In 1641 it became necessary to create a new marketplace outside the old nucleus of Gradec and Kaptol, near the spring of Mandusevec. Initially called Mandusevec, the square's name was later changed to Harmica. The square became Ban Jelacic Plac in 1848.

A statue of Josip Jelacic on his horse, created by Austrian sculptor Anton Dominik Fernkorn, was erected by the Austrian administration. In 1947 it was removed by the Communist authorities, who renamed the place "Republic Square."

When the World University Games were held in Zagreb in 1987, the city was renovated and revitalized. The square was repaved in stone blocks and pedestrianized. The Mandusevec Fountain and the Mandusevec Spring, buried in 1898, were uncovered. In 1990 the Communists era ended, and Josip Jelacic, on his trusty steed, returned to the square.

At Christmas time, Ban Jelacic Square is adorned with trees and lights illuminate the facades of the surrounding antique Classicist, Secessionist, and Modernist buildings.

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Sight Name: Ban Jelačić Square
Sight Location: Zagreb, Croatia (See walking tours in Zagreb)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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