Beestenmarkt (Animal Market), Delft

Beestenmarkt (Animal Market), Delft (must see)

The Animal Market has gone through at least three major incarnations. At first, in the period 1449 to 1595 there were no beasties and no market. There was only Franciscan monastery cloister.

By 1595 the Protestant Reformation had come to town and the Monks were passe. The cloister evaporated and a square was formed. What to do with it? How about an animal market? Yes, in 1595 the square became the Animal Market. It was the place for the Westland farmers from South Holland province to buy and sell their cattle.

Trading began when the bell rang. A "Sheep Bell" was installed at number 9 on the market square in 1734. By 1972, with the help of foot-and-mouth disease, the animal market was passe.

The square is pedestrian, with walkways surrounding a raised, paved area shaded by plane trees. In the center is an earthenware sculpture of a bull by artist Rob Brandt. In the winter the square becomes an ice-skating rink.

The family of artist Vermeer once lived at the house known as The Three Hammers at Animal Market number 26. The ground floor of 26 is now a pub. The square is lined with a variety of pubs, cafes and restaurants. In the summer the cafes have terraces in the square. Live music in the square is not uncommon.

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Sight Name: Beestenmarkt (Animal Market)
Sight Location: Delft, Netherlands (See walking tours in Delft)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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