Cadiz Cathedral and Square, Cadiz

Cadiz Cathedral and Square, Cadiz (must see)

The 18th century was the golden time of Cadiz. Rich with wealth from the Americas, it was important to have a cathedral grander and taller than the Giralda of Seville (the bell tower of Seville Cathedral). The effort was started by architect Vicente de Acero, who had also built the Granada Cathedral. Acero quit in a dispute with the Head of Works in 1739.

This period of construction under different architects lasted until 1838. The project was carried on successively by architects Gaspar Cayon, Miguel Olivares, Manuel Machuca and finished by Juan Daura. This resulted in a series of styles morphing from Baroque to Rococo to Neoclassical.

The Cathedral is laid out in the traditional Latin cross plan. It has three naves and a pentagonal ambulatory. Except for the dome top of the ambulatory, the vaults are supported by rows of Corinthian columns. The altar is raised. Under it is a spacious crypt. Chapels are in the naves. In the choir are two highly valued great organs.

The 184-foot Clock Tower, also known as Levante Tower, is a principal attraction of the Cathedral. The top of the tower offers vast panoramic views of the El Populo district, the ocean, the South Field (Campo del Sur), the Promenade, and the city's harbor. The Cathedral shares the Square with its 1669 predecessor church, Old Cathedral (Catedral Vieja), dedicated to the Holy Cross.

The Square was part of the urban reform of 1721 that also ultimately produced the (new) Cathedral of Cadiz. Houses were demolished to create an open space before the Cathedral. The Square is not a regular shape. It runs parallel to the seashore and is paved with white marble.

The Rose Arch (Arco de la Rosa) is an access gate to the Town Castle. It was also a passageway to the old Tablas Square (Plaza de las Tablas), which was re-formed to become Cathedral Square. Besides the Cathedral and the old Church of Santa Cruz, the square is home to the Jesuit Church of Santiago, built in 1563.


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Sight Name: Cadiz Cathedral and Square
Sight Location: Cadiz, Spain (See walking tours in Cadiz)
Sight Type: Religious
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