Carrera Espinel Shopping Street, Ronda

Carrera Espinel Shopping Street, Ronda

In the heart of Ronda, nestled within the ancient confines of the city, lies Carrera Espinel, affectionately known as Calle La Bola. This enchanting pedestrian thoroughfare takes center stage as Ronda's principal shopping street. Steeped in history and bustling with life, it offers a vibrant glimpse into the soul of this mesmerizing Spanish town.

Calle La Bola stretches for approximately 1 kilometer, cutting through the old town like a vein of activity, infusing it with vitality and commerce. Its charming cobbled streets, lined with an array of shops and boutiques, beckon locals and tourists alike to explore its offerings. This shopping haven is nestled in a district known as "El Mercadillo," making it the central hub for retail therapy in Ronda.

This iconic street derives its name from two distinctive sources. "Calle Espinel" pays homage to Ronda's illustrious son, Vicente Espinel. Born in Ronda in 1550, Espinel was a polymath of Spain's Golden Age, leaving an indelible mark as a priest, writer, and musician. He serves as an enduring source of inspiration and a testament to Ronda's rich cultural heritage.

Intriguingly, "Calle La Bola" has a tale to tell. It is a testament to the unceasing vitality of this street. In ages past, both young and old would converge here to partake in a peculiar ball game. This was no ordinary sport, but a game of skill and precision. Competitors would vie to launch a hefty iron ball, weighing a substantial 3 kilograms, down the street with the fewest strokes. The winner was the one who managed to propel the ball over a predetermined distance with the utmost finesse. This lively game added another layer to the street's legacy.

Alternatively, a charming legend whispers another origin story for the name "Calle La Bola." As the snowfall blanketed the town, a group of children came together to craft a colossal snowball. With hearts full of youthful enthusiasm, they nudged the enormous snowball down the street, creating joy and merriment throughout the town.

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Sight Name: Carrera Espinel Shopping Street
Sight Location: Ronda, Spain (See walking tours in Ronda)
Sight Type: Shopping
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Ancient rock paintings found in the area tell us Ronda was settled by Celts, who called it "Arunda." Phoenicians and Romans followed the Celts. Muslim rule was established in 713 by the Umayyads, who called it the "Castle of Rundah." Islamic domination ended in 1485 when Rodrigo, Duke of Cadiz, conquered the city.

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