Chateau Bouvreuil (Rouen Castle), Rouen

Chateau Bouvreuil (Rouen Castle), Rouen

Rouen Castle holds a prominent place in the history of Rouen. Constructed under the direction of Philip II of France from 1204 to 1210, this fortified ducal and royal residence played a pivotal role in the region's political and military affairs.

Situated just north of the medieval town, Rouen Castle held a commanding position, making it a strategic military stronghold during various conflicts, including the Hundred Years' War and the Wars of Religion. For nearly four centuries, it served as the primary center of power, administration, and politics in the duchy of Normandy. It symbolically replaced the ducal palace of Rouen in these roles and acted as the seat of authority for the king of France's bailliage and vicomté, as well as the English government during their rule of the area from 1418 to 1449. Additionally, it housed the échiquier de Normandie, which later became the Parlement of Rouen.

One of the most notable events associated with Rouen Castle is the imprisonment and trial of Joan of Arc in 1430-1431. Although Joan was not held in the castle's keep, the Tour Jeanne d'Arc, the castle played a significant role in her trial, with one session held there on May 9, 1431. The keep, initially known as the castle's donjon or "Big Tower," remains a lasting testament to this history. It was during this session that Joan was shown instruments of torture but remained steadfast in her resolve.

Most of Rouen Castle was dismantled in 1591, leaving behind the iconic keep. This tower, now known as the Tour Jeanne d'Arc, is part of Philip's original 1204 construction. Over the years, it underwent restoration work, including the addition of its pointed roof in the 1870s.

During World War II, the tower took on a new role as it was camouflaged and converted into a bunker by the occupying German forces. Today, the Tour Jeanne d'Arc is open to the public, allowing visitors to explore its historical significance and the rich history of Rouen Castle.

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Sight Name: Chateau Bouvreuil (Rouen Castle)
Sight Location: Rouen, France (See walking tours in Rouen)
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