Cielo de Salamanca (Sky Over Salamanca), Salamanca

Cielo de Salamanca (Sky Over Salamanca), Salamanca

Cielo de Salamanca (Sky Over Salamanca) is a mural painting attributed to Fernando Gallego that corresponds to the third part of the decoration of the vault of the old Library of the Major Schools of the University of Salamanca, space occupied by the current chapel of San Jerome.

The vault was painted in the 1480s. In the 18th century the other two thirds collapsed during the construction of the chapel, whose vault is four meters below the previous one, hiding the original roof. In 1901 they were rediscovered by Professor García Boiza. In the 1950s, the paintings were removed from the original vault, transferred to canvas and transferred to their current location (University Museum in the Minor Schools) for their contemplation.

This is an astrological representation intended for the teaching of Astrology, probably inspired by the chair of astrology that had recently been established (c. 1460) at the University of Salamanca, which served as support for the practice of Medicine.

The logo of Salamanca 2002 European City of Culture (and currently the logo of the Salamanca City of Culture Municipal Foundation) is inspired by this painting.
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Cielo de Salamanca (Sky Over Salamanca) on Map

Sight Name: Cielo de Salamanca (Sky Over Salamanca)
Sight Location: Salamanca, Spain (See walking tours in Salamanca)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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