Colonna di Sant'Oronzo (Column of Saint Oronzo), Ostuni

Colonna di Sant'Oronzo (Column of Saint Oronzo), Ostuni (must see)

The Column of Saint Oronzo, also known as the Spire of Saint Oronzo, is a majestic obelisk situated in Ostuni. This remarkable monument, located in the heart of Freedom Square, was crafted in 1771 by the skilled Ostuni sculptor, Giuseppe Greco. Its construction was driven by deep devotion and profound gratitude towards the city's patron saint, Saint Oronzo, who was revered for saving Ostuni from the devastating plague.

Rising to an impressive height of approximately twenty meters, the Column of Saint Oronzo epitomizes the exuberant Baroque style of the period. The obelisk is composed of four distinct levels, each adorned with intricate details that celebrate the city's devotion to Saint Oronzo. These levels ascend from a sturdy base, culminating in the crowning glory of the statue of Saint Oronzo.

Throughout the column's structure, visitors will encounter a lavish array of decorative elements. Latin phrases, angelic figures, and ornate frames grace its surface, recounting the city's deep-rooted faith. The second level of the obelisk is particularly opulent, featuring a slightly projecting balustrade. Here, at each corner, statues of saints stand sentinel.

Among these saints, one can unmistakably identify Saint Lucia, her image radiating grace and devotion. Accompanying her are a Holy Bishop, believed to be Saint Augustine of Hippo, holding a book of wisdom, and a Jesuit Saint tenderly cradling a child, representing Saint Bernardino Realino of Lecce. The fourth statue, though somewhat fragmented, is attributed to Saint Irene, despite the absence of one arm and the palm of martyrdom.

The Column of Saint Oronzo serves not only as a remarkable work of art but also as a powerful symbol of the city's unwavering faith and enduring gratitude to its patron saint for his protection and benevolence.

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Colonna di Sant'Oronzo (Column of Saint Oronzo) on Map

Sight Name: Colonna di Sant'Oronzo (Column of Saint Oronzo)
Sight Location: Ostuni, Italy (See walking tours in Ostuni)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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