Grande Place (Main Square), Lille

Grande Place (Main Square), Lille (must see)

The Main Square of Lille was officially called "General de Gaulle Square" at the end of World War II. Among the good people of Lille however, it is often referred to as "The Main Square" As with New York, the Avenue of the Americas is "Sixth Avenue." Whatever it might be called, it is still the Main Square of the city.

In 1066 the area of the Main Square was referred to as the "forum." The forum was declared a market square. The ground was drained, leveled and paved and voila! A market square. In the 17th century, the Commodity Exchange divided the Square into the Main Square and the Little Square.

The Place du General-de-Gaulle assumes the role of Main Square. Oops, it is also referred to as "Place de la Decesse." Let us declare for Grand Place or Main Square. Today it is a venue for events and business exchanges. It is the traditional location for Lille book clearance sales, a major event.

The square is surrounded by a number of buildings. They include the Theatre of the North and the Old Stock Exchange (no longer the commercial exchange). In the center of the Main Square is the awesome "Column of the Goddess", memorializing the siege of Lille in 1792.

The square is paved in a checks of blue and pink granite. It is partially pedestrianized. It can be reached by metro first line Rihour station. There is also an underground car park with 342 spaces.

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Sight Name: Grande Place (Main Square)
Sight Location: Lille, France (See walking tours in Lille)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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