Greeting to the Sun, Zadar

Greeting to the Sun, Zadar (must see)

"Good Morning Starshine" goes to the song from the sixties musical "HAIR." Well, the Sun is a star, so, "The Earth says hello." Zadar says hello to the Sun and shines back his light in the evening. Near to the incomparable Sea Organ of Nikola Basic on the Promenade of Zadar is another of his works, "The Greeting to the Sun."

Nikola's monument to the Sun is located at the western point of the harbor entrance to Zadar. It is a circle of layered glass plates 72 feet in diameter. It lies flat on the white stone pavement of the Promenade. Underneath the plates are photovoltaic solar modules. The modules absorb energy from the Sun during the day and shine back at night.

Around the sun disc are smaller disc installations. They represent the solar system. The sizes of the sun and planet discs are proportional, as are the distances of the bodies relative to each other.

The chrome ring around the sun disc bears the names of all the saints' names of the churches of Zadar. Besides the names are their respective feast dates and the corresponding declinations of the sun relative to the equator. The sun calendar data was designed by Professor Maksim Klarin of the Zadar Maritime School.

The solar modules transform energy harvested in the day into electricity which it releases into the power network. It produces about 46,500 kWh a year. That's a lot of light. Good morning, Sunshine!

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Sight Name: Greeting to the Sun
Sight Location: Zadar, Croatia (See walking tours in Zadar)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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