Joan at the Stake Statue, Rouen

Joan at the Stake Statue, Rouen

The "Joan at the Stake" statue was sculpted by Maxime Real del Sarte in collaboration with Roger de Villiers in 1927 and was prominently erected in the Old Market Square.

The statue holds a profound significance as it stands near the Church of Saint Joan of Arc and a large cross that marks the very spot where Joan of Arc faced her execution by burning on May 30, 1431. This tragic event occurred when she was just nineteen years old.

A year prior, Joan had been captured by the English, whom she had been fighting against. The English authorities, with the support of the Catholic Church, condemned her to death by burning at the stake. However, just a generation later, this verdict was overturned. In 1455, Joan's mother obtained permission from the Pope to re-examine the guilty verdict that had led to her execution. A year later, Joan of Arc was officially 'rehabilitated.'

Over the centuries, Joan's story has become legendary, captivating people around the world. Her tale of a young peasant girl who rose to lead in military battles, coupled with her claims of hearing divine voices instructing her to aid a rightful king, has inspired countless individuals. Her image and story have been employed to promote narratives of nationalism and the struggle of ordinary people against unjust rulers, particularly within France.

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Sight Name: Joan at the Stake Statue
Sight Location: Rouen, France (See walking tours in Rouen)
Sight Type: Statue/Public Art
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