Katedrála Sv. Petra a Pavla (Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul), Brno

Katedrála Sv. Petra a Pavla (Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul), Brno (must see)

The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is a Roman Catholic cathedral and parish church located on Petrov hill in Brno. It is more commonly referred to as "Petrov" by locals. The cathedral that stands today was built in the late 17th century with many additions and renovations undergone over the years.

Some historical records show churches on the site of Petrov since the 12th century. The first was a Romanesque chapel built in 1140. The next was a Romanesque and Gothic church dedicated to St. Peter in 1230. A new religious edifice dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul was erected in the 15th century. It burned in 1643 during the Thirty Years War.

The exterior of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul was designed in the Gothic Revival style by architect Frantisek Benedikt Klicnik. The towers, standing at more than 275 feet, were added in 1909. They were designed by architect August Kirstein.

The interior was designed by architect Moric Grimm in the late 18th century. Most of the Baroque features remain in place today. Gothic work on the interior was added by architects August Prokop and K. Woresch in the late 19th century. They added a chapel and presbytery, a high altar with carved scenes of the twelve apostles, and the crucifixion designed by Viennese sculptor Josef Leimer.

The cathedral bells ring at 11 AM rather than noon as a nod to the Thirty Years' War. During that war, the Swedes stated they would end the attack if they had not taken the city by midday on August 15. The church bells rang an hour early to put an end to the siege. They have continued to ring early since then.

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Katedrála Sv. Petra a Pavla (Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul) on Map

Sight Name: Katedrála Sv. Petra a Pavla (Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul)
Sight Location: Brno, Czech Republic (See walking tours in Brno)
Sight Type: Religious
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