Place de la Cathédrale (Cathedral Square), Colmar

Place de la Cathédrale (Cathedral Square), Colmar

The name Cathedral Square (Place de la Cathedrale) is new. Until 1934, the 13th-century square was called New Square (Place Neuve), as it extended over the old cemetery of the Mount of Olives. Part of the cemetery was closed in 1553 to make room for a marketplace between the Saint-Martin Collegiate Church and the Ossuary (bone depository).

The Waldner-Stephan Court (Cour Waldner-Stephan) is a courtyard by Cathedral Square. It is home to the ancient Judas tree, planted in 1791. According to a legend, Judas hung himself on such a tree. It is said the purple blossoms symbolize the tears of Christ. The old tree is surrounded by an iron railing. A plaque cites the date of planting.

An important building on the square is the Guard House (Corps de Garde), based on the 1286 chapel of Saint James. It has a loggia and portal, installed in 1577, constituting a gem of Renaissance architecture. It has served as a town hall, guardhouse, nut market, platform for magistrates, and police station.

At 6 Cathedral Square is the RUC bookstore. It has over 45,000 references on five levels served by a large central staircase. The Adolph House, at number 16, is considered one of the oldest in Colmar, built around 1350. It has late 14th-century Gothic bays with pointed arch windows. Next to the Adolph House is an old well dating back to 1592.

At 11 Cathedral Square is Yann's Workshop (l'Atelier Yann), a vast patisserie. At the foot of the church is the brewery and brasserie, l'Amandine.

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Sight Name: Place de la Cathédrale (Cathedral Square)
Sight Location: Colmar, France (See walking tours in Colmar)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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