Porta Napoli (Naples Gate), Lecce

Porta Napoli (Naples Gate), Lecce

The Naples Gate (Porta Napoli) is known locally as the Arch of Triumph (Arco di Trionfo). It is the perfect spot to begin a tour of Lecce's Baroque Old Town of twisting lanes and grand squares. The monumental Arch of Triumph was erected in 1548 by architect Gian Giacomo dell'Acaya and dedicated to Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.

Emperor Charles of Hapsburg had achieved a telling victory over the Turks, and he thought of Lecce as a solid barrier against the East. He ordered a defense for Lecce consisting of walls and a castle to complement the coastal defenses of towers and fortified strong points. In 1539 the military architect Acaya was the man for the job.

The Porta Napoli is a 66-foot-tall gateway. The central arch is flanked by two Corinthian columns supporting an over-size triangular pediment. There are carvings on the pediment of armor, weapons, and the Habsburg/Spanish coat of arms. The Habsburg emblems were a nod to Emperor Charles V, who was on hand when the gate was opened.

At the opposite end of the Arch of Triumph square (Piazzetta Arco di Trionfo) is the Obelisk of the city. Erected in 1922, it is dedicated to Ferdinand I, King of the Two Sicilies. The sides of the Obelisk have bas-reliefs of exotic mythological creatures, including a dolphin taking a bite of the moon.

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Sight Name: Porta Napoli (Naples Gate)
Sight Location: Lecce, Italy (See walking tours in Lecce)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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