Porte Narbonnaise (Narbonnaise Gate), Carcassonne

Porte Narbonnaise (Narbonnaise Gate), Carcassonne (must see)

The Narbonnaise Gate is the main gate to the Cite. It was built during the reign of Phillipe III (The Bold) about 1280. The Gate was the most defensive of the Cite. There are two huge spur towers on either side of the Gate. A chain is drawn across the entrance. Knockers and harrows provide a double closure.

A false drawbridge was installed during restorations in the 19th century. The drawbridge spans a dry moat. The Gate itself is defended by the Barbican Saint-Louis. The towers are connected by a large guard room. The lower rooms of the towers have defensive loopholes for crossbows, handy in a siege.

The North tower has a deep cistern and the south tower has a basement room for food storage. The archway which opens to the Cite is protected by a system of harrows and machicolations. Above the entrance in a niche, a statue of the Virgin watches all who enter.

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Porte Narbonnaise (Narbonnaise Gate) on Map

Sight Name: Porte Narbonnaise (Narbonnaise Gate)
Sight Location: Carcassonne, France (See walking tours in Carcassonne)
Sight Type: Attraction/Landmark
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